Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So We've Got to Say Good-Bye to the Summer...

I know that technically summer lasts until September 21 (or thereabouts) but for me, summer ends when school begins.  Or at least once September begins!  

Fall is my absolute favorite season (as I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about verrrry soon) but for now, I was thinking about things that are summery that I'll miss! 

I actually ate probably twice my weight in watermelon last summer when I was pregnant, so this summer, comparatively, I ate very little.  Even still, it's the perfect summer fruit!

Being in Florida means that storms and summer are hand in hand.  Which is FINE by me - I adore storms.  And the clouds that herald storms are the prettiest.

Image from here
Just that feeling that you can be lazy...  During the crisp days of fall and spring, I always feel like just lying around is a waste of time.  But during summer (and the coldest days of winter), lying around is a perfectly acceptable expenditure of time.

Summer clothes...  I love clothes for cool weather the best - especially since in Florida, most of the time you have to wear tanks and shorts when you're going outside for any length of time. But there is no denying the feeling of wearing the perfect sundress.


  1. ohmygosh, that kitty picture is adorable!

    and i love fall, too. actually, i love every season except for evil spring (grr to spring and it's allergy-causing springness!)

  2. What a beautiful post! As for that kitten - so, so sweet!!! Yes, today in Sydney feels like Spring!!! I'm so excited - I adore Spring but yes, Autumn is pretty wondrous too!

  3. I'll miss summer too! But there's so much to look forward to in fall.


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