So, the music business is in a bit of an, erm, uhm, unique position right now.  Not even mentioning piracy, more and more people are switching to subscriber services like Spotify, Pandora or Rdio.  Which is AWESOME in that so many more musicians are able to be discovered.  But un-awesome in that, where a download will pay an indie musician like me $.63, Spotify pays an average of $.003 per listen.  Which means a bit of a cut in payments.  

Like most people, I'm an amateur clairvoyant, so I know for a fact this little blip will all end up for the best for everyone, from musicians to fans, but right now, most musicians have to have several other jobs to be able to fund their music career.

So that's how it goes - the 'donate' button exists so that if for any reason, you want to express your love for my songs (free, streamed, downloaded) and support for my career choice (that is both unessential and absolutely irreplaceable to life in general), in a delightfully tangible manner, you can.

And, as always, thank you.

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