Sunday, December 9, 2007

Happy Holidays! CDs, Gigs and Good Wishes...

I hope you are all having the best December of your lives (so far)! I am grateful that we aren't charged for exclamation point usage and you will be glad (for my sake) once you finish this email!

I have two holiday-rific shows this week! I'm sorry to be sending out the info so close to the days but I was waiting on the final info (which I actually haven't gotten yet...).
The first show is Thursday, December 13 at Virgin Megastore (1494 E Buena Vista Dr., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830). That's the one for which I'm waiting on the time. I'll definitely update it on my website as soon as I find out so if you can come, please check for the time at I'll hopefully know on Monday; I'm pretty sure it's early evening.

The second show is Friday, December 14 at Infusion Tea at 7:30 p.m. (1600 Edgewater Dr., Orlando, FL 32803). It's such a splendid venue and the tea is cozy so it's a great way to reeeeelax before the holiday craziness.

I really truly hope to see you at one of these shows! Great things would come of them going well so your support would be sincerely appreciated (as always)!

Also, I am still doing the holiday special- buy two CDs from my website, get a third one for free! If you want to get them by Christmas, it's probably best to order them soon.

And... I'm continuing to plan my tour for next year so if any of you haven't suggested a venue (and a warm thank you to those who have), I'd love to have some suggestions for performance spaces in your area!

Upon rereading this posting, it's also a good thing that they don't charge for parentheses (for my sake. Unless it's like text messages where you're also charged for receiving them. In which case, for your sake as well!).

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