Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If Bare Limbs You Like...

I recorded another cover, this one of another favorite songwriter, Cole Porter. I love so many of his songs, picking one was very difficult. I chose Anything Goes for three reasons:

1. One kind listener/reader in Chicago said she would like to hear my take on it. Maybe, because I chose her favorite song, she'll send me some of those fabulous Chicago chocolates...

2. I have a thing where I can't seem to write a song unless it is a love song. This song is a perfect example of a song that has really nothing to do with love and yet the final line of the song is romantic (ish). So perhaps Mr. Porter shared my weakness.

3. A friend informed me that this song is the opening sequence in the second Indiana Jones movie which kind of makes the song summery. In a blockbuster, popcorn, no school kind of way.

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