Thursday, October 29, 2009

Men With Halos

Whenever I find an actor, singer or comedian who can also play an instrument, there is an extra halo of awesomeness that surrounds them. I know that being one of those aforementioned entertainers requires talent and often training but playing an instrument? I don't know - it's the marshmallows on the talent hot cocoa. It's the cherry on the talent sundae. It's the halo around the talent angels.
Here are several extra-talented leading men with those halos.

Thanks to sallywally at flyingdowntohollywood blog for showing me this one on Twitter today!

My favorite part begins at 2:46


  1. I heartily agree! What a wonderful post! And very good movie choices too. (I feel very flattered and excited that you chose one that I showed you. Hooray! And thanks for the shout-out!) I have to say that that Fred Astaire clip is one of my favorites. I think he is very... attractive in that scene when he plays so artfully with the cigarette dangling and his hat all tilted. And you know my love for Ricardo Montalban. I saw that scene and nearly fell out of my chair! And I love Oscar Levant, he's a phenomenal performer.

    (Sorry for the ridiculously long comment. Did I already say how I much I agree with you and love this selection?)

  2. i totally agree also. great post!

  3. great post!

    I have to add this one:

    just for kicks!

  4. Such talented men indeed, and something you just don't see anymore today. I definitely see the halo :)

    Speaking halo's, thank you so much for the sherry and cloves suggestion! I absolutely loved it!!

  5. Oh an American in Paris is one of my all time faves!! I especially love the end sequence that goes on and on!! Will have a look at these clips this evening!! Thank you - and have a lovely weekend!

  6. Agreed. I love that clip of Fred Astaire, and that movie is marvelous.

  7. I adore the first song! It's one of my favorite songs and I used to sing it when I was little all the time :)

  8. I couldn't agree more, toss brains and a handsome face into the equation and I'm smitten :D

    Wishing you a gorgeous Tuesday, sweet dear!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. I love, love, love Fred Astaire!

  10. Sallytonks - Yay! I love it when people agree. I do love Fred Astaire in that clip and love when he "adjusts" the piano barrel stool!

    Anne - Thank you! You have great taste in youtube clips yourself!

    Chelsea - Perfect addition! He has about 17 instruments he's playing there! Totally deserves at least four halos!

    Gabbi - Glad my suggestion helped! It always works for me...

    Sam - I think American in Paris is one of my very, very favorite movies. I was looking to post up that Oscar Levant/Gene Kelly piano duet song but it wasn't on YouTube. They're so great!

    Margaux - Isn't he though?

    Mel - That song always makes me so happy. And I love the dance they do together afterwards!

    Jessica - I know! Those boys are irresistible!

    Alicia - You and me both, for sure.


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