Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Divinity and Sass


Okay. The location? Best Buy. The year? Not too sure, sometime mid-90s. I had a Best Buy gift card and purchased my first c.d. ever. The c.d.? The Essential Sarah Vaughan. I actually picked it out because she was the prettiest girl on the album cover (definitely a "book-by-its-cover" girl).

And I have to tell you, it's still one of my favorite albums. I do love Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, but Sarah Vaughan has a special place in my heart. She has an amazing virtuoso range and the sexiest little lilt to her voice! She was nicknamed both "the Divine One" and "Sassy," and the fact that Sarah fit both those names sums up her appeal; the perfect combination of talent and personality. Few singers as effectively use their voices like an instrument but Sarah is... well... just listen to Lullaby of Birdland (particularly beginning at 2:16) and you'll see!

How cute is she in this song?

And Misty still gives me goosebumps.

If you get hooked, try to find her My Man's Gone Now for heart-wrenching passion and Broken-Hearted Melody for pure fun.

So, what was your first c.d./mp3/tape/record you ever bought? Do you still listen to it?

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  1. OH, my! You're so right, her voice is like an instrument. Mesmerizing.


  2. wow, she has an amazing voice! thank u for sharing:D hmm, i think one of my first cds ever was mariah carey's daydream album. i still love it to this day:) thanks again for ur comment on my blog:)


  3. You are such a gal after my own vintage music loving heart! I adore that you selected such a CD as your first one ever. I honestly don't recall the first tape or CD I bought with my own money, but wish it had been the same as yours! :)

    Thank you dearly for your wonderful comments and visits, sweet heart, I really hope you're having a beautiful week!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I'm SOOO glad you posted this. My father (a retired professional musician) was the one to introduce me to Sarah Vaughn and he was always talking about how she was really not given as much credit for her brilliance (and her range). I totally love her, too.

  5. Great post!! I can't wait to watch those videos! My first cd was the Disney Aladdin soundtrack - I got it for Christmas. Happy December!


  6. she's wonderful. i liked misty the best and how she has some sass to her.
    the first record i had was wham! i think i got it when i was 6 or 7. i've been obsessed with music...well my whole life. and no, i don't have it anymore :( "wake me up before you go go..."

  7. I haven't listened to her before, wow have I missed out. I love her voice, so talented. Lately I have been interested in this type of music. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Added you to my blog list, btw :)

  9. I loved listening to these, thank you for posting them! I'm not as familiar with Sarah Vaughan as say, Ella, but definitely hope to remedy that.

  10. Oh I love her voice, her music (her dresses :))

  11. i never heard of Sarah Vaughan, but i have heard Lullaby of Birdland. her music is so lovely! thanks for introducing her to me! my first tape was no doubt's tragic kingdom and i still listen to it. i even rebought on cd!

  12. what a sweet story!

    Ms. Sarah has such a timeless voice - would love to go back in time and hear her in person :)

  13. Awesome, amazing - and that is such a sweet story! The first album I ever bought, sadly, was a cheesy 90s pop band called Steps, but thankfully I think one of my nearly-first was a Beatles album... much better.


  14. My first CD was Queen's Greatest Hits - and I still love it!

  15. My first CD was Mariah Carey's Music box. I think I have the songs on my ipod, so ya I still listen! :)

  16. Great post! Sarah Vaughan is quite lovely.

    Oh, I think the first CD I ever bought was the soundtrack to Titanic, and that's so... embarrassing. Haha. I don't know what happened to it - nope, don't still listen to it. :)

  17. Sarah Vaughan is fabulous. I think the first cds I bought were largely on account of my childhood friends being into pop music...stuff like Wilson Phillips, Ace of Base, TLC, Celine Dion, The Spice Girls, etc. But I really don't feel like those are the musicians that have stayed with me or influenced me, etc (though I'll admit I love singing along now and then). I think the turning point was Billie Holiday when I was 11. It really pointed me in my own direction, and the album is still one of my favorites.

  18. PS If you haven't heard Nina Simone's first album, Little Girl Blue, I highly recommend it.

  19. What a voice! Thank you for sharing these videos. I hadn't heard Sarah Vaughan before.

    I have vague memories of buying cassette tapes (more often singles, hehe remember those?, than full lengths), but cannot recall what my first one was.

  20. Maria - Definitely mesmerizing!

    Owl - Mariah's certainly proved that she has staying power!

    Jessica - I'm sure your first c.d. was an inspired choice!

    Baroness - Yay! I totally agree Sarah gets overlooked. I'm glad you and your dad appreciate her too!

    Sally - The Disney soundtracks are great - I love so much of their music.

    Anne - I can totally tell you're a music girl! And you can't get much more talented than George Michael.

    Bug - Thank you for adding me! She has such a wealth of music to discover!

    Gingerella - Yes, she's not quite as famous as Ella but I find her just as fun to listen to.

    L'armadio del Delitto - Doesn't she have such amazing style?!

    Jessica - You know you love an album when you buy it multiple times! Ha!

    Stacy - I know! I would love to have seen her live too!

    MJ - Ha! A Beatles album is totally a first album to be proud of! You can claim them.

    Alicia - I bet. Queen is amazing.

    Jaime - Mariah Carey was a first for a lot of people!

    Rebecca - That's hilarious! I actually just found some Titanic sheet music I bought years ago. And no, I don't play it. Hehe!

    Margaux - Billie Holiday is a powerful performer and would be a strong influence - I'm impressed you listened to her at 11! I've not really listened to much Nina Simone, unfortunately, but now I know which album to start on! Thank you!

    Emily - I totally remember singles! I had a bunch of Sting ones I bought for the B-sides.


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