Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Fun's Begun

Weekly Song Sketch


This song is one of those holiday songs that is always in my head, one of those I sing lustily and make up half the words because, really, who knows the words to this song?

Well, me, actually, as of yesterday. Hooray!

And I also found out that the song (written by Leon Jessel) is from a Betty Boop short that costars King Kong. Making this an obvious choice for the second in my holiday song sketch series.

If you want a copy, just let me know in a comment (please make sure you leave your email if it's your first time asking). I'll email it and you can share it with everybody!

*Feel free to follow this blog! I promise only to lead you to bright, sunny places.


  1. I love it! Very good choice, beautifully done! I'd love a copy!

  2. Beautiful! I love your take on it. Who knew it came from a Betty Boop short? You are the coolest!!

  3. So fun! Those pictures of you are very glam!

  4. So Cute...are you one of the fair maids the soldiers were winking at?

  5. Lovely photos Emma!! I've never heard this holiday song before, but you sing it so beautifully!!! Love the piano too.

  6. As always, very nice.
    First time I hear this song and you sing it so beautifully.
    I'd also like a copy, thx

  7. what a delightful song! i feel like marching & singing now :)

  8. Hey ! Thanks for being on my blog. And nice to meet your universe !

  9. What a beautiful blog!! Lovely song :)

  10. i love it! can you send me a copy please :)

  11. Wow, great music! First time here... cheers!

  12. Great job - obviously I would love a copy!

  13. Very cool. Modern Ragtime. Like that!

  14. it reminds of The Nutcracker! But i'm not sure if they play it for the ballet.. Anyway, lovely work Emma :)

  15. Beautiful song! Please email it to me Emma...

    I also adore your red pumps! Classic style.♥

  16. What a fun, bubbly little holiday tune! Thanks for sharing it in your lovely voice!

  17. Your songs are always so perfect!! I really enjoyed this one, made me feel all cheery inside. Cute outfit!

  18. Django and I enjoyed this piece very, very much! It beautifully sing and so perfect for the holidays season! ;)

  19. What a festively fun post, honey, I hope that you're in the midst of a stellar December!

    Oodles of hugs & holiday cheer,
    ♥ Jessica

  20. Sallytonks - Thank you!

    Patrick - Aww!

    Saltina - Thank you! I felt all Rita Hayworth with my hair done like that! :o)

    Miriamt - Hehe!

    Maria - Thank you! The piano is always my favorite part to do.

    Fuad - Thank you, as always!

    Stacy - Yay!

    Céline - Nice to meet you too!

    Stéphanie and Rebecca - Thank you!

    Anne- Absolutely!

    Nicky - Thank you for visiting!

    Pat - Certainly!

    Brian - Thank you!

    Zel - Ooh! Good ears! I threw in a bit of the Nutcracker theme in my instrumental part.

    Gabbi - Thank you!

    Chelsea - I love bubbly best.

    Bug- A compliment from you about my outfit is really quite an honor. Thank you!

    Django et Coco - Thank you so much!

    Jessica - I certainly am definitely in the midst of a stellar December!


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