Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Help Needed!


I want to first ask all my potential gift-recipients to not read this post. There. Thank you.

Then, I wanted to ask all my very creative readers for ingenious ideas for stocking stuffers for the holidays.

1. Not too pricey. That's what the big, under-the-tree presents are for! I'm thinking less than $10. Less than $5 even better.
2. Not too "cheap." I would like the presents to be something fun but not just a throwaway present, you know?
3. Something I can get in time for Christmas morning. I suppose I'm a little late on this shopping front. But I have bought all my other presents, okay? Sheesh!

Here are some ideas I've come up with but I definitely need more!
1. Yo-yo (I saw some cute ones on Etsy! And a yo-yo is infinitely useful, as you know.)
2. Candy! (Of course!)
3. I can't think of any more. You can see why I need some help. Stockings are cavernous and yo-yos are small.

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  1. Stocking stuffers can be tough. Hmmm. I sometimes go with fun things for the house, like wine glass charms, funky napkins, pretty cupcake liners, if the recipients are so inclined. What about something handmade- like a handmade garland?http://www.youaremyfave.com/2009/12/happiest-of-flickr-sets-is-my-fave.html

  2. This one might be one of the throwaway type present but I love to receive Scratch-and-Win. Especially the long one like bingo or crossword! It something I would never buy for myself but enjoy doing! I think they are generally a crowd pleaser! I get so excited when I win, even if it only $1 ;)

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  3. I was going to mention lottery tickets/scratch tickets. My dad gets them for us every year. Target has nice little Burt's Bee's gifts. I love their hand salve. Nail polish, cute little nail files are good for the ladies. Packets of cocoa or tea might be universal. Hmm, for men. Um, socks! Maybe little things of their favorite liquor? That's all I got. If I think of more I'll pass it on!

  4. that's a tough one... what about a cute pair of earrings or a lipgloss. the burt's bees is a good idea too. or maybe you could make people mixed cds!

  5. Aw, what a sweet little illustration!
    I'm in the same boat, actually. This year I've taken it upon myself to fill up my mother's stocking with little presents and goodies, but I haven't gotten very far! If I think of anything good I'll pass it along :)

  6. How about homemade cookies? Or small items of jewellery like beaded bracelets? A homemade calendar? A cosy pair of gloves?
    Your song in the previous post is really lovely :)

  7. it depends on the recipient no?!
    for the vain ones...nail polish in a unique color!
    for the bookworms, nice handmade/collage bookmark?! Hope this helps a little...

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    With tight budget I may get the following:
    Candies/ Bright coloured nail polish, stockings/ earrings/ cute hair pins/ cute key chains?
    Hope they help :P

  9. My mom is the Queen of Stockings. lol She does a lot of things already suggested: little make-ups, games, slippers, fun candy, funky pens/pencils, hair bows, things like that. That's always my favorite part of Christmas morning! lol

    Good luck!

    My new vintage blog: Circle 7-2099

  10. You can find patterned socks and tights for under $10, and sometimes under $5. Books from the used bookstore. Bookmarks, inexpensive paperweights, letter openers, stationary stuff. Knit hats, small figurines that are meaningful to the recipient. Homemade yummies, tea bags, tins of cocoa or coffee. Airplane bottles--teehee!

  11. i'm not a starbucks girl, but whenever i get a $5 or $10 gift card, i use it!

  12. Hmm, it really does depend on the recipient...you could always go to your local dollar store and just browse around for items they might enjoy or find useful. Some random ideas that haven't been mentioned: package of incense, car wash gift certificate, roll of quarters for laundry (great for college students), puzzle books (crosswords, word finds, etc), frame a photograph of the two of you together, a Christmas ornament, if someone is into scrapbooking, buy them something related like a decorative ink stamp, packet of fancy papers, etc; along the yo yo theme, a package of mini-cans of PlayDough, travel sized games like checkers or scrabble....if I can think of any more I'll come back, lol!

  13. Okay, that settles it. You guys are all stuffing my stocking this year. I've never seen such marvelous and inventive ideas!

    Risti Megan - That's so cute! I'd love cupcake liners myself!

    Coco - That's so fun! I never buy those myself and, who knows? Hehe!

    Saltina - Love the liquor idea! That'd be fun to buy too. And cocoa packets...

    Jessica - I like the cds! And you can never have too much lipgloss.

    Emily - Thank you! And good luck! Moms are so hard to buy for.

    Rebecca - Small bracelets! That's a great idea! And thank you! ;o)

    Stéphanie - Thanks!

    Leonore - Ooh! They're all serious bookworms. Bookmarks would be a hit!

    Ashley - True! Hairpins are so fun to have!

    Maggi - Pencils and pens! That's wonderful!

    Jo - Stationery stuff would be fun and cute! And used books is a brilliant suggestion too!

    Anne - True! Starbucks is a sure-fire gift that will be used. And if they leave it around the house... well, I am a Starbucks girl!

    Gingerella - So many great ideas! I think I will totally hit up the dollar store and see what treasures they have (or maybe the dollar section of Michael's - They'd have the PlayDough!). Puzzle books are fun too!

    Thank you all so much for helping me out! Now I'll have to make sure I don't buy too much! How did you all do that!? Genius girls on the blogosphere.

  14. along Saltina's suggestion of tea ... you can get 'flowering teas' which bloom in hot water :)

    i've found them at Target and the health food section of the grocery store.

  15. Badges, stickers, pretty ribbons, buttons, lip balm, um - yeah that is all I can think of.

  16. stationary? oranges and peanuts in the shell are very traditional. or what about some little monarch jewellery? haha. playing cards? things to decorate bedroom walls with - glow in the dark wall transfers etc. yeah thats my contribution

  17. Whoa, you've gotten so many ideas already! I may have to borrow some of these, because I need ideas as well! :)

    I was going to say that if you have a neat toy store anywhere near you, that's a really good place to look! Cute little wind-up toys are the perfect size, and usually don't cost much. Haha, that's the *only* thing I have for stockings right now - some little windup robots!

  18. I say you can't go wrong with candy ;)

  19. I like this post, makeme fell happy!!!

  20. A really cool magazine, rolled up, takes up a bunch of room. A vintage second-hand paperback, a pair of fun patterned socks, a pretty pair of earrings. Don't forget that vintage shopping can yield all kinds of treasures: pins and brooches, scarves, ties (for men), cufflinks.

    Thanks again for commenting on my blog! :)

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