Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Giveaway!

In Other Words, I'm Very Glad You Stopped By


I have recently passed the 100 follower mark! Hip hip hooray! And I thought a giveaway was in order.

What I'm Giving:

An Emma cover of one of the songs that makes you happiest. I will post it up as a song sketch, link to your blog (if you have on) and send you a beautiful and artistic copy of it in the mail (as well as a couple other originals on it for good measure).

How You Win:

Be a follower (either Bloglovin' or Google) and leave a comment with the three songs that make you the happiest. Not necessarily your favorite three songs (if your favorite songs are tragic or morbid), the three songs that make you happiest.

You can get extra entries several ways and please leave a new comment every time (you can either repeat those three songs or pick three others that also make you happy).

-If you follow me on Twitter
-If you tweet about the giveaway
-If you blog about it (this really should be worth two extra entries, I think)

I'll chose by random.org and pick one of the three songs in the winning comment.

Best luck and thank you for entering! The giveaway will be open until February 2, Groundhog Day. Unless the groundhog sees his shadow and then the giveaway will be open for six more weeks.

Just kidding.


  1. Congratulations Emma!!

    This is such a fantastic giveaway that I really hope I win!!!

    I follow you both on Bloglovin and Google.

    1) Here Comes the Sun, the Beatles
    2) Help I'm Alive, Metric
    3) Sunny Sunday, Leona Naess

    Lulu Letty

  2. I also follow you on Twitter!

    1) Here Comes the Sun, the Beatles
    2) Help I'm Alive, Metric
    3) Sunny Sunday, Leona Naess

    Lulu Letty

  3. Congratulations, Emma ... and cheers to many more!

    3 of my favorite happy songs would be: "Somewhere Out There," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and "When You Wish Upon a Star" :)


  4. Such a cool giveaway!

    Blessed by Brett Dennen
    Steer by Missy Higgins
    Instead by Madeleine Peyroux


  5. I also just tweeted about it!!

    1) Here Comes the Sun, the Beatles
    2) Help I'm Alive, Metric
    3) Sunny Sunday, Leona Naess

    Lulu Letty

  6. Congratulations!!! ...and also what a sweet and caring giveaway!!

  7. Congratulations, Emma! This is such a fantastic giveaway.. i'm a follower on google. My song choices are:

    1. Boy from ipanema
    2. L-O-V-E (natalie cole)
    3. Popular (from Wicked the musical)

  8. i follow you on twitter

    1. Boy from ipanema
    2. L-O-V-E (natalie cole)
    3. Popular (from Wicked the musical)

  9. What a good idea. I'll write a post on the giveaway and give a shout out on Twitter.

    The three songs that make me the happiest:
    1901 by Phoenix
    Keep the Car Running by Arcade Fire
    All You Need is Love by the Beatles

  10. Lovely Giveaway, Emma!!!

    1. Sleepyhead- Passion Pit
    2. Fireflies- Owl City
    3.Electrify - Mute Math


  11. What a wonderful, personalized giveaway this is! Yay, congrats for hitting 100++:)

    Okay, some of the songs that makes me happy:

    1. If you wanna be happy by Jimmy Soul
    2. I'm yours by Jason Mraz
    3. Let go by Frou Frou

    I'll enter my extra entries later:P

  12. what a great giveaway, emma! i love that it's personalized:D congrats on reaching over 100 followers!! i'm one of them hehe:)

    here are songs that make me happy:

    1. Lucky by Colbie Caillat & Jason Mraz
    2. All You Need is Love by The Beatles
    3. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

  13. Hello dear:)Congrats on the 100 followers mark:)
    Let's see...3 songs that make me happy...
    ~Life is Wonderful~Jason Mraz
    ~Kiss the Rain~Yiruma
    ~On my Way~Giovanca
    Thanks for offering this chance to so many people, such a lovely giveaway:)

  14. thank you! i've added you to my blogroll as well :)

  15. Ahhh, how awesome!! Here are my picks:

    Catch The Wind - Donovan
    Fields of Gold - Sting
    If You Could Read My Mind - Gordon Lightfoot

  16. Oooh, what a neat idea, Emma! :) I'm trying not to think too hard about it, but also wanted to pick songs that would be fun to cover!

    It's In Our Hands - Bjork
    Unison - Bjork
    Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn & John

  17. Congrats with the 100 followers!

    Zee avi - bitter heart (not very happy but i love the melody)
    Avant la baggare - France Gall
    The maccabees - Toothpaste kisses

  18. Emma, my husband and I ADORE your music!!!! We listen to it on all our car trips. He is in the military, and about to go away in February, and it would make such the perfect Valentine's day gift to give him!!!

    1. Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch
    2. When I Look to the Sky by Train
    3. Fly Me to the Moon by Sinatra

    Thanks, Emma!

  19. i just tweet about it.

    1. Boy from ipanema
    2. L-O-V-E (natalie cole)
    3. Popular (from Wicked the musical)

  20. oh my gosh, how fun! I follow you on bloglovin :).

    My three songssssss

    1) barking at the moon by jenny lewis (from bolt)
    2) this will be our year by the zombies
    3) bob dylan's 115th dream by bob dylan

  21. What a wonderful idea Emma! Your blog is the cutest :)

    1. Man in the mirror - Michael Jackson
    2. Dancing in the moonlight - Toploader
    3. Kiss from a Rose - Seal

  22. congrats on hitting 100 followers! that's awesome... and this is such a great giveaway idea!

    i think the three songs that make me the happiest are:

    1. Downtown - Petula Clark
    2. Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles
    3. World Spins Madly On - The Weepies

    (i follow you on google and twitter)

  23. that's so wonderful emma! i know it won't be long before you triple that number :D

    this is an exciting giveaway indeed!

    here are my three-
    1. summer breeze- seals and croft
    2. waiting on a friend- the rolling stones
    3. pennies from heaven- billie holiday

  24. this has nothing to do with your post... but i just gave you an award on my blog :)


  25. Thank you!!! What an awesome gift!! But you have already done a few of my favorite songs..."Skylark" and "If I Could Write a Book" and the Rapunzel song...precious!...Oh, you know, I've loved all of them!
    1. Around The World - N.K.Cole
    2. You're My Everything - also N.K.Cole
    3. Almost Like Being in Love...F.Sinatra

  26. Congrats, Emma! This is a fabulous giveaway idea!

    The three songs that make me the happiest:
    1. Orange-colored Sky-Natalie Cole
    2. Me and Bobby McGee-Janis Joplin
    3. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da-The Beatles


  27. I'm following you! Congrats on the 100!!!

    1. Daydream Believer, The Monkees
    2. Smile A Little Smile For Me, The Flying Machine
    3. Buggin, The Flaming Lips


  28. Congratulations!!
    1. Enjoy It - Maurice Chevalier (it's from a Disney movie, "The Castaways")
    2. Fit As A Fiddle - Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor
    3. O Pato - Joao Gilberto

  29. Oh, and I follow you on Twitter!
    1. It's a Lovely Day Today by Irving Berlin
    2. Meglio Stasera (the Italian version) by Mancini
    3. Stiff Upper Lip by Cole Porter

  30. Wild Dances- Ruslana
    Swallow- Emilie Autumn
    Release Me- Agnes

  31. congratulations, Emma! please count me in your generous giveaway.

    1. temptation - new order
    2. just can't get enough - depeche mode
    3. close to me - the cure

  32. i'm a twitter follower, too!

    1. dinah - bing crosby
    2. all shook up - elvis presley
    3. five o'clock world - the vogues

  33. just started following :) thanks for checking out my blog!
    i just rediscovered the charlatans. "just when you're thinking things over" is a GREAT song

  34. This is such a great giveaway! I had a difficult time thinking of 3 songs, silly I know. I'm stuck in the 80's for happy songs, so here it goes:
    Karma Chameleon - Culture Club
    Freedom - Wham
    Take on Me - Aha

  35. Wow, thanks Emma! Thanks also for all of the thoughtful comments you've been leaving on my blog lately:) I really appreciate them. Okay, my three songs are:

    1. December, 1999-Jolie Holland
    2. I Want To Break Free-Queen
    3. My Egyptian Grammar-The Fiery Furnaces

    I also really love listening to The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughan Williams, but no lyrics:) Thanks again!

  36. First of all, congratulations on getting and heading over 100 followers! That is wonderful!

    This is such a fabulous giveaway, I so hope I win!!!

    I am for sure already a devoted follower of yours here on the blog! :D

    You know, whenever I need a pick me up or even if I'm already in a great mood, I always always always reach for The Monkees. It doesn't matter how low I feel, their music has never failed to make me smile! (And I met Micky Dolenz once! lol) Therefore, it is so hard to pick just 3 songs, but I'll try! :D

    "Pleasant Valley Sunday"
    "Love Is Only Sleeping"
    "Papa Gene's Blues"

    P.S.-The Groundhog comment almost made me spit out my coffee! LOL

  37. I follow you on Twitter! :D

    3 more from The Monkees:

    "I'll Spend My Life With You"
    "The Door Into Summer"
    "Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day"

  38. I tweeted about the giveaway! :D

    And maybe three more from The Monkees, lol:

    "Saturday's Child"
    "Take a Giant Step"
    "For Pete's Sake"

  39. congrats on the 100 mark! That is awesome!!

    I love that apron you are wearing, it is so cute I want one! :)

    Um 3 songs that make me happy? hrmm....

    Happy Phantom by Tori Amos
    Island in the sun by Weezer
    Why do you let me stay here by She&Him :)

  40. Hi Emma,

    I just followed you on Twitter!

    1. If you wanna be happy by Jimmy Soul
    2. I'm yours by Jason Mraz
    3. Let go by Frou Frou

  41. And I just tweeted about your giveaway:)

    1. If you wanna be happy by Jimmy Soul
    2. I'm yours by Jason Mraz
    3. Let go by Frou Frou

  42. I'm back and have the giveaway posted on my blog here! :D

    Okay, I'll end with my top 3 favorite Monkees songs! lol

    "Love is Only Sleeping"
    "The Door Into Summer"
    "Pleasant Valley Sunday"

    Congrats again on the 100!

  43. How wonderful! I found you via Miss Maggi's blog. What a unique and original giveaway offer!

    Ok, songs that make me happy:

    Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
    Smile by Nat King Cole
    Let the Sunshine In by Cast of Hair

    I know, it's an eclectic amalgam of songs...but they DO indeed make me happy. :) I'm following your blog now as well.

    Cheers! Theresa

  44. Congratulations on the now 100 followers!

    Three songs that make me happy...

    1. Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall
    2. Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves
    3. Put Your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

  45. Eep! I meant 130 followers :P I am now following you on twitter, so here are more three songs!

    4. I'm a Believer - The Monkees
    5. Accidentally in Love - Counting Crows
    6. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

  46. This is a tough one but it took a few days to come up with it!

    (ok, i changed my mind again!)

    Be My Baby- The Ronnettes
    Never Knew - The Rocket Summer
    White Houses- Vanessa Carlton

    I'm a follower!! <3

  47. What a fabulous giveaway!! ...and happy 100th follower!!

    Hmmmm....favourite happy songs:

    1. Blackbird - The Beatles
    2. I'm a believer - The Monkeys
    3. According to my heart - Jim Reeves

    ...and I'm a follower!!!

  48. Congrats!! What a grand giveaway!

    My 3 happy songs are
    It's a great day to be alive: Travis Tritt
    Rain on my Parade- the Glee Version
    Just Dance- Lady Gaga

    ... I follow you!

  49. All Night Long - Lionel Richie
    Mrs. Robinson - Performed by Pomplamoose
    Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift

    I'm already following you.

    Marina G.

  50. I love all the pictures you post...you're so pretty!

    My three favorite happy songs are:
    Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)
    Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves)
    Do Wah Diddy (Manfred Mann)

    Actually...really all music makes me happy because music in general is just beautiful. Thank you for having such a wonderful blog!

  51. Oh my word, such a good idea for a giveaway! Ok, so my happiest songs are probably:

    The Calculation (Regina Spektor)
    Ride a White Swan (T-Rex)
    Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (The Beatles)

    To be honest I'm not usually a happy-song person, most of my favourites are more of the roaring guitar riffs, singing your heart out kind of thing - but that's really not your style! :)


  52. Ok I follow that bits easy but the songs not so much!
    I love 'I have confidence' from sound of music (huge fan!!)
    'Up on sugar hill' by dolly parton
    and I can't choose a third even after ridiculous amounts of thought!

  53. I have follow you for awhile; I didn't realize It was not added on my Google friend connect, but now it is! :)

    This giveaway is so much fun! Three of my happy song are;

    1- Free Design - I found Love
    2- Paul McCartney & Wings - Silly Love Song
    3- Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

    You can be sure that it made me re-listened to them again and again while I was written this comment!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  54. Hiya Emma!!

    Okay so my three songs...here goes!! haha
    (Band, Song)
    1. My Brightest Diamond, We Were Sparkling
    2. Basia Bulat, I Was A Daughter
    3. Regina Spektor- Us

    Have a great weekend, much much love!!!


  55. I also follow on twitter from my brand new account created today! :) Yeah!

    1- Free Design - I found Love
    2- Paul McCartney & Wings - Silly Love Song
    3- Queen - Don't Stop Me Now

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  56. After Tweeting and reading all of these great song ideas, I can't wait to hear the results!!!

  57. Wonderful giveaway! I'm following.
    My happy songs are:
    1. Shout-The Isley Brothers
    2. 59th St. Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)- Simon and Garfunkel
    3. Be OK- Ingrid Michaelson

  58. Congrats on passing 100 followers, Emma! This is such an amazing giveaway. Thank you for being so generous :)

    I follow you via Google.

    Three songs that always make me happy:
    1. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) - The Andrews Sisters
    2. Do You Believe In Magic? -The Lovin' Spoonful
    3. Coffee - Copeland

  59. And, as you know, I also follow you on Twitter :)

    1. Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me) - The Andrews Sisters
    2. Do You Believe In Magic? -The Lovin' Spoonful
    3. Coffee - Copeland

  60. Oh! I almost forgot to enter a third entry because I blogged about the giveaway. Is it too late for me to add it?
    1. O Pato by Joao Gilberto
    2. Meglio Stasera by Henry Mancini
    3. It's A Lovely Day Today by Irving Berlin


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