Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honey and Chocolate!

So, Saturday is my favorite t.v. night of the week - that's when the Cooking Channel is pure fun from 9 - 11 p.m. - the perfect way to begin my weekend. We also made the night even more food-tastic by making Nigella Lawson's Honey Bee Cake.

You can see the recipe here, but I just had to post pics of the gooooorgeous cake! It looked just like the real thing! Very exciting!

Any moments of great accomplishment for you all this past weekend?

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  1. That looks amazing!! I love the chocolate dripping down the sides. mmmmm. It looks delicious!!!

  2. YUMMM Emma!!! It's still too hot here to turn on the oven, but as soon as it gets cooler I'm so making something chocolaty... ♥

  3. The bees are adorable and now I *reeealllly* want some chocolate. YUM. Looks like you did an amazing job with that cake!

    Hope everything's going well with your pregnancy! :)

  4. I'm hungry following that, and I really want a big spoonful of chocolate and honey! Drooool.

    I followed you, would you follow me back? I just installed GFC...so looking a bit lonely at the moment! xo


  5. This cake is so adorable. I love it. Its so creative and very fabulous.

  6. Ooh bravo! That sounds so delicious.

  7. WOW! I am so impressed. That cake is like a dream!

  8. Yum! I will definitely have to give this recipe a try. The cake looks so cute that it must be a little heartbreaking cutting into it ;)


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