Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Contain Multitudes...

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

- Walt Whitman

I am always fascinated by other people's passions - not only the ones that really dominate their lives (mine is definitely music) but those others on the side - bird watching, crocheting, tea, etc. I have many, many passions (including above randomly mentioned ones): I adore children's books (I even have a secret blog reviewing my favorites!), I love yoga (I trained as a teacher), and I'm obsessed with stationery (I'm planning for an upcoming blog entry about some of my finds). And clearly an unhealthy obsession with parentheses.

But one of my biggest passions is food. I think a ton of people adore food but the Cooking Channel has truly dominated my evening entertainment - Nigella Lawson, Ina Garten, Jamie Oliver, David Rocco, Rachel Allen - I am brought to a zen-like peace when I see people smiling at the camera whilst slicing avocado and lining pans with parchment paper.

So, what is one of your passions? Yes, I know fashion and vintage, etc., but what are some that barely, if ever, surface on your blog?

P.S. Feel free to follow me! I promise only ever to lead you to bright, sunny places!
P.P.S. I have a brand, new original album out! If youdownload it and looooove it, please write a lovely review on the site from which you purchased it!


  1. ah I love cooking shows! I hardly ever cook myself, but I could watch Nigella and Jamie aaaaall day and not get bored for one minute.
    Hmmm, what are my passions? That's a good question. Children books (especially the illustrations). Tennis (love watching it, been meaning to start learning how to play). Environment issues (any way I can recycle and save energy, I'm there). Learning about new cultures.


  2. Mine is definitely reading... I also like making jewelry occasionally. I wish that I could crochet or knit though!!

  3. Walt Whitman certainly had a way with words, did he not?

    One of my passions, so to say, is penning little verses. They're usually just cheerful little bits about the passing seasons or something that I found, in any particular instant, to be completely mesmerizing and beautiful. I also greatly enjoy filling my head with history and learning about people/places/cultures. It's so fascinating.

  4. Well my top passion is drawing and possibly pussy cats! My other little known passion is 20th century/ 19th century history - particularly Australian and English.

  5. I'm with you, Emma, food is definitely one of my passions:) I love, love the Food Network! Thanks again for sending the mp3:) I really appreciate it!

  6. mine is dancing :) I love dancing! I love all kinds of music, especially latin music like salsa :)
    Boho Market Blog

  7. I love ballroom dancing, I love children's literature and I love photography. Oh and I love hats! I'm working on building my (modest) collection.

  8. Baking! I adoooore baking! Plus, I love architecture so much...I could look at buildings forever. I am also fascinated by well-done Street Art and I love cartoons!

  9. Mine is DEFINITELY reading. I always have to be reading something. But I never talk about it on my blog :)

  10. Painting. I love oil painting. I love Pre-Raphaelite and Expressionist artists and every year for my birthday I ask for (and get) a membership to the Art Institute of Chicago. It never even occurred to me to mention that I paint on my blog, although I talk about the arts and creativity all the time.

    Cooking shows make me nervous. I've always felt that I should take the time to prepare beautiful meals, but I'd much rather have some other cook's food brought to me. ;-)


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