Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Facebook vs. Twitter

Adorable kitty photo from here

I love Twitter. I spend an
inordinate time checking it on my phone, refreshing it on my computer. I also have a Facebook page but have to force myself to post up things. I don't want to post the same thing on both and yet if I have something especially compelling or interesting, I don't want to "waste" it by posting it up on Facebook.

There are plenty of friends who disagree and say things like Facebook doesn't limit your characters, one can post video and images, things don't fall off the news feed like they do on your Twitter stream, etc., etc. But I'm afraid I'm a Twitterholic - I love the people I interact with and follow and have discovered so many new friends.

What about you? Are you a Facebook fiend or a Twitter tiger (couldn't think of a t-word similar to fiend, sorry)?

And, in case you want to follow me on Twitter, I am here and if you want to befriend me, I am trying to like Facebook more so I'm here.

And, I have a giveaway that ends a week from today from Shabby Apple. There are a variety of possible entries and, if on the off chance you don't like the dress, you can always give it away... So enter!

P.S. Thank you so much for the advice and suggestions on my lullaby what-do-you-think-Wednesday post and poll! I really appreciate the help.


  1. i used to be for facebook before i knew what twitter was. now i barely use it, and with all of the politics going around WI right now, i end up annoyed at some of the things people say. i sort of want to delete it again, but some far away family members really enjoy the photos i put up of E. so i feel stuck. let's try to like facebook more together :)

  2. I just can't get into twitter, but I think it's because I don't have internet on my phone. That would probably change things!

  3. I'm all about facebook. I've tried joining twitter 3 separate times, each time convinced I'll love it that time, and yet I can not get into it. I'm comfortable having only one social networking obsession :-)

  4. I really like both. I think I prefer facebook, really, but I kind of wish facebook were a little more like twitter. I like the fact that I can post videos and photos on facebook, I can join into conversations a little more easily on facebook, I can send letters via facebook, I can browse through pictures on facebook. But, I like the intimacy of twitter. There really are only a few people I really want to follow the lives of so I kind of wish facebook was a little more limiting in that respect, like twitter is. when I read facebook on my phone I can't choose who I read so I wind up getting caught up on info about people I don't even talk to anymore! so yeah. there you have it!

  5. You have described it in a very descriptive and understandable manner about the facebook and twitter, so everybody understand it.


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