Monday, June 27, 2011

I Eat My Peas With Honey...

I'd read, years back, that if one eats local honey they will create a natural immunity for the local allergens and no longer have allergies.  It seemed so incredible, in a world where there are so many sufferers of allergies, that the solution was that simple so I never actually did it.  However, last year, when I was just pregnant, my midwife told me that if I got an asthma attack (I've had asthma since middle school) while near my delivery date, it could mean serious complications and would definitely keep me from having the natural childbirth I really wanted.  Her solution: a nip or two of local honey about eight times a day.  

Well, I went ahead and did it, starting in February, and continued to have the occasional issue through spring but once autumn ended, I realized that I hadn't had an allergy attack or any asthma in months.  Craziness!  Aaaand, I still haven't - over a year later.  I feel like I have to share this amazing thing with you.  Here are two websites that may help you find local honey.  It did take a while to kick in, but now, after years, I'm allergy-free!  

And what tastier way to cure oneself, I ask?

P.S. Babies under one year can't eat honey. It's okay - they're sweet enough anyway! <3  


  1. ohmygosh, i hope this works for me! i work at a nature center and have (oh course!) the worst allergies EVER. thanks for the links.

  2. Emma, I am so stoked to read this. I'm totally going to try it! I have monstrous allergies and I'm so tired of medicating! (I usually just suck it up because I hate taking pills :/)


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