Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Year of the Dragon!

Song Sketch

As you may have guessed, I'm a very big fan of new beginnings and celebrations and today is... Chinese New Year!  The year of the Dragon! How exciting and fortuitous is that?!  

So, in observation of the most exciting day of the past twelve years, I'm posting a song from my c.d. Love Songs and Lullabies called "Odayaka-na Yume No Shogusha" which is about a guardian dragon. The violin was provided by the amazingly talented Marie Bee.  

It'll be free until the end of the week so be sure to download it if you don't already have it!

Hoping this year is the most wonderful and magical year yet for you! 

*For those who have already downloaded the song from iTunes or the like, don't worry - I'll be posting up a never-before-heard free song that will be on my Friday podcast for download on Monday.


  1. Dearest sweet emma, such a beautiful post and i love love love your song! Happy chinese new year sweet friend! May you and your loved ones have a wonderful prosperous dragon year! Love to you!

  2. I love this song!! Thank you for sharing it!! I hope this New Chinese Year is your best yet!!!


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