Thursday, June 21, 2012

An App a Day

If you are like me, you spend way too much time on your smart phone.  Really.  But sometimes, dare I even say, often smart phones can be helpful to achieving goals and happiness and all the wonderful things in life.  Or at least helpful.

Here are my three top iPhone apps I use for productivity and general well-being!

1.  Epic Win  - $2.99

I'm not much of a gamer in a video game sense but I grew up playing board games with my highly competitive dad.  Nowadays I don't play much since my husband is completely nice and non-competitive (ie: In Scrabble: "HaHA! Look at that amazing word I got!" "That's great, baby." "HaHA! Look at the points!" "You're very smart, baby."  "HaH... oh nevermind."  Alas.).
This is such a great app for us game people.  You set up your to-do list and assign points to each item.  Once you reach a certain  number of points, you get different treasures and move up levels.  Fun!

2.  Simple Mind - Free

I have only recently discovered this app but I've been using it a lot!  I use it to help me plan out things like how I'm arranging my next album and what type of blog posts I want to do.  If you are a visual person, this would probably be even more helpful!

3.  Relax Melodies - Free

My only sadness about this app is that I didn't know about it when my baby was a newborn because, boy, could I have used it!  It allows you to mix and match various relaxing sounds, even controlling the volume of each element.   I get too distracted by music when I'm working so having a way to mute some of the noises of home with by ocean waves or raindrops or BOTH (yeah, that's right.  Both) is awesome.


  1. I can see how much iphone becomes a part of one´s daily life. This post is true to almost everyone. As long as it gives you happiness and also helps out for productivity, there´s no issue. :)

    Would love to swap links with you.

  2. That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing these. My sister introduced me to epic win and I love it!! I really like the second one. It looks really cool. I'll have to check it out! Great post!!

  3. I need these in my life. Like, right now.

  4. thank you for visiting! I enjoyed your post and I'm going to look up these apps on my Kindle Fire!


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