Sunday, August 12, 2012

Once upon a time...

A while back I posted that I was working on a 60s spy-themed bossa nova album.

And, I actually have songs written for it and all but it became a very involved project (I am planning to fly out to LA and record with Dan Garcia on saweeet vintage mics and such) so I'm putting it off for just a bit and am currently working on a record lyrically themed around...

Fairy tales!

And musically inspired by:

The Beatles

Especially John Lennon

And some Billie Holiday

And even a little Fats Waller.

So be sure to follow along the next ten to eleven weeks to see behind-the-scenes stuff, maybe a vlog or two, see inspiration from and for the songs, ET CETERA!  Very exciting.

The End.  (or, the beginning)


  1. yay! how exciting :) LOVE fairy tales.


    I'm totally looking forward to this.

    Also, I never knew Billie Holiday was a gal. I guess you learn something new every day!

    Every end is a start to a new beginning. ;)

  3. I just have to say that I love bossa nova music, so I'll be very excited when that comes out. But fairy tales + the Beatles sounds like a cool combination too, and I will definitely buy it.


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