Thursday, October 4, 2012

Earth Without Art is just "Eh"

One of the most amazing things about the online world is that you can learn pretty much an.y.thing.  I remember being a kid and wanting to learn French (or bird calls or calligraphy or...) and while there are books about it at the library, of course, I learn so much easier by listening.  

And here's the other thing - I grew up in Titusville.  Which is wonderfully close to the beach and has a Space Center and... that's it.  We didn't even get a Walmart until my senior year in high school. So if you wanted to take a class about a subject that wasn't in my school, well, you were out of luck.

So it makes me SO happy when there are places like Folio Academy where you can learn from professional artists and teachers without having to enroll in an expensive art school or even leave your Walmart-less small town (should you be in one of those).  They teach anything visual, from cloth-mache to perspective drawing.  I'd love if they eventually start to include other arts like music so I could do something like a songwriting or piano course.  

Really - if you have a dream to create art, whether it's your big Life's dream or just a little fun desire you have, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn from!

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  1. That is so cool!! I hope this idea catches on! I hope they spread out to do things like photography or, like you said, music. I'd definitely be interested in purchasing some courses. Thank you for sharing!!


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