Tuesday, October 9, 2012


A volcano venting.  Or is he just complaining?  I can't tell.  Image from here
So, I have decided to do an experiment. I realize that, while I'm a pretty perky person, I will often "vent" to my loved ones.  You know, about this guy or that guy or this person in traffic or that AT&T lady... And, while most people will accept that venting is a perfectly normal and healthy thing, I've begun to wonder what the difference is between venting and just plain ole complaining.  Is venting really truly like the word?  Where I'll explode from too much steam if I don't release it somehow?  And is the best way to release it through talking about it to some patient listener *coughcough*husbandsistermother*coughcough*?  

From what I've seen, oftentimes talking about the irritation, for the sole purpose of venting the emotion, just gets me all steamed up again.  And sometimes even gets the listener emotional too (yay!  A twofer!)  so my venting not only doesn't help me, it ends up messing up someone else's moment.

So here is my challenge: spend one week without venting via complaint.  Now, since I'm not a huge fan of rules, I'll be okay if I end up doing a little gripe here or there by accident (I'm easygoing), but I will make every effort to channel that steam that needs to be vented through some other way.  

My assistant in the matter at hand: Jon Bon Jovi.  Whenever I get all frustrated, I'm going to think of You Give Love a Bad Name.  Who can stay mad after that?

Really, click play and try to stay mad.  

What do you think?

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  1. I totally might just take this no-venting challenge. I think that when I "vent" I really am "complaining." Which then leads me to be whiny and sulky. SOOOO no venting for one week. Challenge accepted.
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    1. Yay! I hope you did better than I did... Ahem. I THINK all in all, I did vent less, but I definitely wasn't as consistent as I would've liked! Ha!

  2. Man, these rules are hard. It's never gonna work. :)

    1. Haha! I know! I actually didn't do as well as even my low expectations had hoped. Alas. Maybe better this week, though!


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