Friday, November 9, 2012

Like All Good Parties...

My album release party is lasting for four days!  

So please go by Amber's blog, The Girly Bird, for a fairy tale fashion-inspired post and album giveaway!

AND the wizard (witch?) behind my site revamp, Kate Gabrielle, has done an animation on her blog, Scathingly Brilliant, to one the songs from my latest album!  How awesome is that?!

And, visit the other great posts that feature interviews, video and more!

Christianna from The Girl With The Blue Bow:  Album review + video by me!

Laura from The Blog Of Worldly Delights: Q&A with me and a giveaway!

Erica from Sweets and Hearts: Fashion feature with me!  

Ruth from A Miusmie: Interview with me about the literary and philosophical angles of my music.

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  1. I just listened to all your songs from the new album and man lady, you are TALENT! I looooveee the Moonlight Sonata one. It's one of my faves :) Definitely buying!


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