Monday, April 22, 2013

Four Enjoyable Ways to Make the Earth Happy

This Earth Day I know we'll hear about changing out light bulbs and turning out lights which are, of course, very important.  However, I think there are some ways to make the Earth happy that also are, dare I say it, fun!  And isn't that the best?

Amanda Claire's photo "Open Window to Tuscany" available here

Open Your Windows

I know, I know, your view is possibly not the same as the above photo's view of Tuscany, but the majority of pollutants in your house are actually from inside your house!  So if you open your window, not only are you lowering your electricity bills, but you are cleaning the air in your home.  And this is the perfect time of year to enjoy the sound of birds singing, breezes stirring leaves and children laughing on the way home from school.

Host a Clothing Swap

Odds are you have a bunch of clothes (or even jewelry and decor!) you don't really wear anymore (not that you ever wore decor, but I think you know what I mean).  So rather than toss them out or let them soak up dust in the recesses of your closet, host a swap with friends!  It's the perfect time of year for a party (it's been forever since all the holiday ones!) and everyone could end up some great new-to-them clothes - no plastic bags or shipping necessary.

Go to Bed Early

I was reading through an article one day and read that some countries impose a lighting curfew so that people don't use so much electricity at night.  Now, as a die-hard night owl, the idea of having to go to bed early seems like a terrible idea but that doesn't mean that you can't take a night or two a week and just go to bed an hour earlier!  Think of the fun of reeeeeeaaally stretching out in your bed and daydreaming a little rather than conking off in two seconds because you're so exhausted.  Sounds kind of dreamy, doesn't it?

Wildflower Seed Bombs from Terrain

Plant flowers!  

They make bees happy and butterflies happy and people happy too!  These clay/compost/seed balls are so fun - just throw them in an abandoned field or dusty median or even your own yard to make wildflowers grow.  But really any packet of wildflowers or herbs will do - just pick out some hardy ones, sprinkle and wait for the magic to happen.

Any ones I've missed that you can think of?  Do tell!


  1. Love this post! Happy Earth Day!!

  2. Love these ideas! There are a lot of clothing swaps online, too...I use one all year round :). And even if there's something that's too damaged to swap or donate, you can find groups that look for donated rags/cloth. Plus there are so many DIys, it's easy not to throw anything out!

    -Emma from little motley


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