Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Resolve

piano choice

As you all know, the date is currently September 4. Therefore I've decided to get started on some of my New Year's resolutions. One resolution I have in particular - I made a goal to have three songs learned and memorized by the end of the year, Fantasie Impromptu by Chopin, Impromptu Number 4 in A flat Major by Schubert and Maple Leaf Rag by Joplin. So, I'm going to apply myself, slaving at the piano until my eyes blur from the tiny notes and my tea grows cold with neglect.

My first song will be Schubert's Impromptu. Confession: I actually began working on it once I decided to blog about it so I have a bit of a head start (although not the head start I would have had if I had started in January). I shall try to think of some creative way to let you know that I have held to my end of the bargain and am learning/memorizing the songs I said I would (even if they are faster and more heavily pedaled than the originals).

Any New Year's Resolutions you are going to revisit with the crispness of Fall to energize you? And if you have an idea of how I can prove that I've mastered the new songs, feel free to suggest.


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  2. Well..I would love to hear the songs played...can that be done?

    As for me, I made a resolution (1/1/2005) to find a job that I LOVE to yes, I AM a little behind...I have actually renewed this resolve every January...well, actually every Monday...Soon I WILL accomplish this...and won't that be nice?

  3. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I just watched the Red Shoe Campaign video -- your song is so beautiful :)
    Wendy and Lucy is a sad movie, but it ends on what can be seen as a hopeful note.

  4. Matthew - thank you! I plan on using it.

    Miriamt - I could record it -if I get it really good, maybe I'll video it. Very impressive! :o) And, I'm sure that you will accomplish it! Hooray!

    Emily - thank you for your kind comment! Well, hope is a good way to end a movie - especially if it's a sad one!


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