Sunday, September 6, 2009

Now What?

Just saw
Julie and Julia. And loved it. Now, I know there are plenty of reviewers that thought it was too happy and cheerful (including the reviewer at Orlando Weekly who has the wisdom to love my music) but, really, can anything be? (Too happy and cheerful, that is.) I loved it all - the food (of course!), the settings (ah, Paris), the happy marriages (sigh, l'amour) and the heavy- conflict-free plot-line. We live in a world with, yes, sad things but we also live in a world of completely wonderful things. And aren't the news and NY Times bestseller fiction books covering all the sad things? We need more happy thing-coverage!

Anyways, I thought this movie was a delightful example of happy thing-coverage. I'm not going to review the movie or anything but there was one thing that stuck with me in particular (besides the food, happy marriages, Paris, etc.): when the beyond-marvelous Julia Child gets a major letdown (hope that is vague enough not to constitute as a spoiler), she responds by saying, "Well, boohoo. Now what?" How fabulous is that?! When I get rejection (which, though some of you may believe never happens to me, actually does), I've decided to say,
"Well, boohoo, Emma. Now what?"


  1. I agree! There should be more happy news coverage! And I completely agree with how wonderful Julie and Julia was - an amazing movie.

  2. Wonderful perspective..."Now what?" indeed!!

  3. Sallytonks and Miriamt - it is a wonderful movie, isn't it? I can hardly think of a part I didn't enjoy.

  4. "We need more happy thing-coverage!"

    I couldn't agree more! Wonderful thought.

    This movie was such a delight in so many ways. I haven't been more pleased with Meryl Streep, she was divine. I loved the relationship between her and her husband as portrayed in the film. They were obviously madly in love and it was wonderful to see it acted out in that way. I think both Steep and Tucci deserved Oscars for their roles in the film.

    I'm so inspired I think I'm going to have to run home and watch it again tonight.


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