Thursday, November 5, 2009



I've loved looking at the inventive Halloween costumes sprinkled around the blogosphere - some really amazing ones (here and here and here [from] are just a few!) So, I decided to post up my costume.

Say what you will about the girls in the future, they sure could rock a minidress!


  1. Yer pretty on red! :)

    I recently show your blog link to some friends and they LOVE YOU. Reaaally. Just like I do. Your voice is heaven and your musics are way more beautiful than my everlasting summer dreams. :)

  2. To go where no man has gone before!! Thank you for your uplifting posts!!

  3. Love it! I am a star trek fan - don't tell anyone :P

  4. Such a fantastic Halloween costume, beautiful dear, you look like you beamed right off the deck of the Enterprise! :)

    Thank you dearly for each of your wonderful comments, it's always a joy when you stop by my blog.

    Huge hugs & joyful weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  5. this is such a sweet costume!
    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, it made my day!

  6. Move over, Yeoman Rand... it's Yeoman Rweoww!

  7. I also love to see all halloween costumes! Unfortunatly not on the dutch blogs as we don't celebrate halloween... You look also great!

  8. Brilliant! More Star Trek costumes are needed on this planet at Halloween, I feel!

    Bella x

  9. FrivolousFlapper - Thank you!

    Matthew - Thanks!

    Claradevi - Aww! What a kind comment! I really appreciate you showing my music around.

    Miriamt - Boldly going!

    Alicia - Promise I won't tell a soul... ;o)

    Jessica -Odd you should say that because, yes I did just beam off the deck. Hehe!
    Thank you for your kind comments!

    Fröken Lila - I love visiting your blog! You have magnificent style.

    Stéphanie - Thank you!

    Matthew - Ha! I could have know you'd be someone who knew even my position.

    Liset - Thank you!

    Margaux - Thank you!

    Hannah - Hehe! Thanks!

    Bella - Ha! I totally agree!

  10. What an awesome costume! It's a nice mix of sexy and smart. :)

  11. You've got a little "something" wich reminds me Romy Scnheider

  12. You look Amazing! Love the Star Trek costume!!! I am tempted to steal your costume idea for next year.

  13. My mom made my younger sister a Uhura-esque Star Fleet uniform for Halloween as well!
    Your costume is fabulous! Hooray for people with an appreciation for Star Trek! =D

  14. Eeek! Great costume! You do rock a mini dress.

  15. I'm a bit late but I love your costume. I wanted to go as Uhura too but none of my friends did anything for Halloween (not very common in Australia yet)


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