Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music to Help You Reach Your 2010 Goals!


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Ah, the New Year! So many resolutions (and I've seem some very ambitious ones!) yet getting in shape (aka: lose weight, exercise more, etc.) is one of the top-est. Diana from ourcitylights got me thinking about what would be a great workout playlist.

Here, my gift to my motivated readers, a workout/energizing playlist (I tried to put it in a reasonable order too- warm-up to cool-down):

1. 99 Luftballons by Nena (It builds slowly - good for the first song!)
3. Stop Me Mark Ronson's version (Much more upbeat than the Smiths' version)
5. Relator by Pete Yorn (Found this song via Lulu Letty! Thanks!)
6. Faith by George Michael (Will probably appear in every single playlist I ever make. Perfect for picking you up in the middle of your grueling workout).
7. Lollipop by MIKA (He has a ton of songs that would work but this one always makes me smile)
8. There Will Never be Another You sung by Ernestine Anderson
9. Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite (Nice cool down in the middle. Plus the song is so fun!)
10. Sea Lion Woman by Feist
11. I'm Your Man by Wham! (Yay! Second George Michael song!)
12. It's Alright with Me sung by Harry Connick, jr.
13. Fidelity by Regina Spektor (It's slow but a good cooldown song)
14. La Belle Dame Sans Regrets by Sting (Trés romantique! To remind you of why we're all working out in the first place. Probably.)

What other songs should be added?

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  1. This is an awesome list Emma!!

    Adore those photos.

    Lulu Letty

  2. Awesome list!! I love the vintage photos, very motivating :)

  3. Those are some great ones! "Lets Get it Started" by the Black-Eyed Peas is a great song to start your workout to.


  4. I love this playlist! I like how you put it in a warm-up/cool-down order. I love Hollaback Girl, such a cheerleader beat. And A-ha Take on Me, really got me going recently.

  5. i'm loving this playlist! and lollipop by mika always makes me smile too. :)

  6. how about "i'm too sexy" or "eye of the tiger" hahaha
    love the list emma!

  7. Great list! I think I would add more Mika - "Big Girl" and "Love Today" always get me moving! I love the variety on your list. Harry Connick, Jr. being in the mix really makes me smile! (he's another reminder for why we work out!)

  8. I like my workout playlist to be full of cheesy 80s classics. :)

  9. This is a great list! What a wonderful idea for a post. When ever I want to feel energised I listen to the Jackson5's 'Shake Your Body' :D

  10. How sweet of you to make a playlist!! Ohhh I really need to start working out soon too:P


  11. Oh, Lollipop and Fidelity are some of my favorite songs! I adore the playlist. Happy New Year, Emma! :)

    Marina G.

  12. Ahhh, Groove Is In The Heart! That's deefinitely a classic! xoxo

  13. Great songs. It gets me thinking about what other songs would be good to workout to.

  14. This is a fantastic list dahhling! Being the big SMiths fan, I love love love Stop Me, that's a great version of it! and I Love Groove is in the Heart, that song will definitely get you going! Have a wonderful day Emma!

  15. Memories from the 80's....ahhh! :)

    Now I'll have to be sure and get on the treadmill after work tonight so I don't feel guilty after reading this.... ;)

  16. What a fun post concept! Great play list, too. I especially like the addition of Sea Lion Woman by Feist. The more I think about it the more perfect it becomes for a work-out mix :)

  17. Great collection for a workout. A mixture of new music and 80s music. Nice.

  18. This is great!! I can just see me bouncing around to that :) Happy 2010!


  19. i love the photos and the addition of "Faith" to your playlist ... makes me want to dance while no one's looking! That counts as a workout, right? :)


  20. hi, emma! thank u for ur sweet comment on my blog:) sorry i've been quite slow with responding to comments lately. this is such a great post! i'm trying to get back to the gym, too, and i'm so glad i have found ur recommendations:D i love the first song! such a fun one:D of course, u can never go wrong w/some bon jovi!:D hope 2010 is going well for u so far:)


  21. I LOVE this playlist :) Definitely going to be listening to this everyday now... <3

  22. What a great workout list! This resolution is definitely one of mine this year! lol I would also add some ABBA and Bee Gees on there! lol

  23. Regina Spektor and Nena = massive fan. Great list!


  24. Great playlist! I can never ever exercise because I get so bored and all I can think about is how uncomfortable I am. Maybe music would help?

  25. This is great, I love the pictures too. I would definitely put I want to Break Free by Queen on there and pretty much anything by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

  26. lol great list. I want to add "I believe in a thing called love" by the darkness. Because it is so random and upbeat. Might fit it in there after Mika, lol

  27. Maria, Diana, this lovelycity - Thank you!

    Jo - I'll have to check it out! The title even makes me motivated! Hehe!

    Saltina- I can't believe I forgot "Take On Me." "Hollaback Girl" is fun too!

    Jen - Yay! Another MIKA fan!

    Anne - Ha! Those are great ideas! And would make you smile in the middle of a workout - not easy sometimes...

    Sally - Harry...yummm! MIKA's whole cd could work!

    A Cat - Yay! 80s music!

    Rebecca - Thank you! And Jackson 5 is so upbeat!

    Sher - Yeah... me too! Hehe!

    Maju - Thank you! Those are two of my repeat ones for sure.

    Melissa - "Not vicious or malicious, just lovely and delicious!"

    Risti Megan and Daisy - Thank you!

    Miss Go Lightly - I think I spent months of my 20th year where all I listened to were the Smiths.

    Nahna - Thank you! You too!

    Gingerella - Don't feel guilty! It's still early enough in the year to be coasting off of the holidays! At least, that's what I'm telling myself... ahem.

    Emily - It's so perfectly percussive, isn't it? It always makes me feel like moving when I hear it.

    Jade, Emily and Bug - Thank you! Happy 2010 to you all too!

    Stacy - Absolutely. And "Faith" is my favorite song on the list, I think.

    Owl - I know! Bon Jovi makes my heartbeat go up, even when I'm not working out!

    Jess - Aww! Thank you!

    Maggi - Aii! No ABBA! I should hang my head in shame. They have so many choices!

    MJ - Thank you. And both those girls have such amazing voices!

    Chloe - I'm with you.

    Kelley Anne - Aww! I forgot Queen too! Haven't really heard anything by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah but I'll have to listen!

    Sara Lynn - I'll have to listen to that one too! Anything that would work with MIKA is good with me!

  28. This is an awesome list, sweetie! My husband, a fellow music lover, plans to focus more on his health this year (including upping his exercise levels) and I am going to email him this link to this post in case he wants more songs to add to his workout play list.

    Tons of thanks & giant hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  29. Oooh - when I was a teenager I SO used to listen to that Nena song every morning before school. It's just impossible to not dance to! :)


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