Thursday, January 7, 2010

Much Love for Etsy


Anna from Much Love is doing a lovely project: "Show Me Your Heart!" where participantstake a picture (that features a heart) and then write about something you love.

She is posting up all the participants on Monday so be sure to check her blog then!

That was a bit difficult for me entirely because I have far, far too many things I love! Blogs! Chocolate! Tea! Disney! Cupcakes! Spice bread! Raindrops on roses! Whiskers on kittens!

You get the idea.

So I decided to write about one thing I discovered last year (ish - I really discovered it a couple years earlier but not to this extent) - Etsy. I love that there are so many people that are doing their dream, even if only part-time, and sharing it with the world. I love that I can find a stationery set, a kitty toy, an art print, a vintage robot and a hand-made scarf all on the same site. I love how pretty it is (I'm very fussy about only shopping in pretty places). I love the community.

And I love how when I get a package from Amazon, it has the packing slip included but when I get a package from Etsy, it has a little hand-written note or my item gift-boxed or even an extra treat.

I love that.

And I know I have Etsy shop owners and Etsy shop lovers who read my blog so:

- if you're a shop owner, please leave your shop's link and a little description of what you sell in a comment!

- if you're an Etsy shop lover, please leave the link of one of your favorite shops.

- if you're neither, browse through the links and find something you love!

P.S. Feel free to follow me! I promise only ever to lead you to bright, sunny places!


  1. I love your are very creative!

  2. Wonderful!! Etsy is so amazing I feel like I just barely scratch the surface!!

    Lulu Letty

  3. I LOVE Etsy! I have too many favorite shops to list. I agree, it's a great community.

  4. I'm still pretty new at Etsy-shopping and there are, as yet, no links for me to go visit. So I'll link to the one and only Etsy shop I have yet purchased from:

    I just love her artwork - they have so much personality! I bought 2 prints and I can't wait to buy more!

  5. P.S. Love the photo! And I love Much Love's project! (also, love your play on words with title... very clever!)

  6. Fun post! I love etsy too. Hard to choose just one seller.... so I won't. Here's two:
    Got my Christmas cards from her.
    Love these earrings, so pretty and affordable!

  7. I feel the same about Etsy - it's so encouraging in our mass-produced culture.

    A xx

  8. Etsy is awesome isn't it. There's some sellers that I haven't bought from yet but want to just because I know they will have cute packaging. And I too just love a little handwritten note or an extra little gift, so fun.

  9. I love Etsy!! I can't say that I have a favorite shop yet though, I'm not very good at picking a "favorite" anything!

  10. i love, love etsy! and thanks so much for sending me the rapunzel song! :)

  11. i love etsy, too:D they have such amazing stuff on there and very creative people:D i also wanted to let u know that i just tagged u for an award on my blog:)

  12. I love Etsy ! That's so fabulous !

  13. "Show me your heart" sounds like a lovely idea. I love Etsy too. You're right - it's wonderful that so many people are following their dream. I particularly enjoy browsing through the silver jewellery - some of stuff cut out by hand is incredible!

    Something that I saw and fell in love recently is this vintage hot air balloon pendant:[]=tags&includes[]=title

  14. Thank you for the comment.

    Cute post - I've looked on etsy and seen loads of adorable bits, but I'm yet to buy anything from there (due to lack of funds). But I'll definately check out some of the links, I'm always so amazed and a little bit jealous of how talented and creative people are.

  15. Hi Emma honey, you are just too sweet and thoughtful for words. I'm a massive (understatement) etsy lover (as my poor wallet can attest to ;D) as well and would truly be hard picked to select just one favourite shop. I love so many and discover new favourites each week! :)

    Wishing you an amazing Friday & weekend ahead,
    ♥ Jessica

  16. I'm with you all the way on this one!!! I have so many favorite shops on etsy (and hope to open my own this year!) but some of my favorites are: Zombukis Love You, Twinkie Chan and Vintage Vixen.

    Have a great weekend!

  17. beautiful necklace!!


  18. I love your Show Me Your Heart submission post! Etsy is such a fun place to browse and shop. I've only ever purchased something from Much Love, but my Etsy wish list is ever growing :)

  19. I love Anna's etsy, I have quite a few of her pieces now :)

  20. Hooray! I love Etsy too. Cute photo.

  21. etsy rules! i only discovered it a year or two ago also. loved it so much i had to open my own shop :)
    i sell vintage clothes.

  22. thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    i love etsy too! you can find so many great unique things! i have a shop. i sell vintage clothing.

  23. I love Etsy so much! You can find so many amazing, unexpected things on there!

    I have a (new-ish) shop. Right now I have a few vintage dresses, jackets, and sewing patterns up for sale, mostly from the 80's. :)

  24. I have an etsy giveaway on my blog so you can all check taht out, I love Etsy too!!

  25. Yay, I love etsy too :) I have a shop, but need to close it at the end of January becausi I'm moving to Australia. But, it will be back up and running march/april-ish :)

  26. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the Etsy, but love your song even more. That is AMAZING! From a person who was raised in a singing city, and can't carry a tune to save her life, I am SO jealous!
    Have a great weekend

  27. ooh if i ever do start my nyc cafe, you're more than welcome to perform :D

    and i adore etsy as well. i remember when i first found it i browsed for hours.

  28. I love etsy! But I spend far more than I should on there..

    My favourite seller:


  29. I feel so ignorant, I have no idea what Etsy is. But will find out, promise! Sabine x

  30. I love etsy. my store is called thimbles and gingham ( and i sell vintage clothes but i'm hoping to add my own line to my shop later in the year.

  31. Oh how I love Etsy.. and exactly for the same reasons as you! It's truly an amazing place. My sister in law has an etsy shop for her handmade jewelry

  32. Oh I love your little heart necklace for the Much Love project - too cute!

    P.S. I really enjoyed 'Rapunzel.' You have a beautiful voice. ^__^

  33. Good choice!!! :) I wanted to participate in this little blog activity as well, but when I found out about it, I just didn't have time. I'm back now!! (Though I may not post for another day.. so much catching up to do!)

    Love love love Etsy as well. It's one of the best things ever! I have a little vintage shop, though the stock has seriously dwindled... need to update!

  34. Indy - Thank you!

    Maria - I know! Always new things to discover (including your adorable shop!)

    Francy - Yeah, I have a tough time picking favorites too.

    Sally - Ooh! I love Kate Gabrielle's work! Thank you for the link!

    Saltina- Those are both marvelous! I hadn't visited either site before! Favorited.

    Cat - It is! It's so nice buying something made with love.

    Vintage Spirit - I totally am drawn to the personable sellers too.

    Kaileigh - Another non-favoriter! I have such a hard time and always want to "take back" my choice!

    Owl's Diary - Happy to!

    Owl's Closet - Oh, thank you so much!

    Stéphanie - They're so great!

    Rebecca - Ah, that was lovely. By the time I'd clicked over, it was gone.

    Polka Dotty - It's very easy to get lost there!

    Jessica - I know! I find new favorites each week too.

    Maggi - I love love Vintage Vixen! I hadn't heard of the others so I'm going to look them up.

    Krimly - Thank you! A gift from an ex-nannied child. :o)

    Emily and Daisy - I've seen so many adorable things at Anna's shop.

    Risti - Thank you!

    Anne - Thank you for posting your link! I love the things you have in your shop.

    Jessica - Thank you for posting your link too! I didn't know you had a shop so I'm off to visit.

    Miss Kellie - Wonderful! I'll definitely have to visit.

    Daisymay - I already signed up! Love the Etsy giveaways!

    Pretty Little Pictures - I've drooled over a ton of items in your marvelous shop. I can't wait until you reopen it - and good luck with your move!

    Stephanie - Why, thank you!

    Miriam - Thank you too!

    Jen - Hooray! I can't wait.

    Hannah - I have noticed my whole night will go by while lost in Etsy-land. And I'd not heard of your favorite seller either! So many new treasures to discover.

    Sabine- I hadn't heard of it until a few years ago and now I am always there! You're in for a treat!

    Thimbles - Oh! How wonderful! I can't wait to see your own additions!

    LovelyCity - I'm going to visit your sister's shop right away - I love handmade jewelry.

    Penelope - Thank you!

    Rebecca - Welcome back! And I'm looking forward to your Etsy updates!


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