Friday, July 9, 2010

A Taste of Something New...

So, a while back, I blogged about the feverish
macarons vs. cupcakes debate. Being a massive cupcake fan, I was curious as to how macarons could even compete.

Well, I finally had my first (um, six) macarons! And they are really, truly the food of fairy tales. Light, delicate flavor with an intriguing crunch on the outside and an intoxicated cream at the center. I am thoroughly hooked.

However, I do doubt I will be giving up cupcakes anytime soon...

And you? Any new tastes you've experienced recently?

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  1. Team Scones! What? That's not a team? Because I'm the only person who likes them?


    I plan on looking at your new album this afternoon!

  2. ahhh now i HAVE to try macaroons!! :)

  3. macarons have been on my list of things to try for some time but i don't know where to buy them! sad times.

    also i would happily sign up for team scones, as long as clotted cream is involved. ;)

  4. Yay macarons! They're so delicious, plus there must be a million flavors! I can't decide if I like cupcakes or macarons better!

  5. I have never had macarons before! They always look so delicious though.

  6. i'm with ya, i love macarons! have u tried the ones from trader joe's? they're not too shabby. i just learned about it from a friend (it's in the freezer section). have a great weekend, emma!

  7. I don't think I have had tried anything new lately, really. Which is kind of sad. Although, I did have a chocolate tasting the other day with some very interesting and unique chocolates! Does that count? I've tried macarons and I agree - they're super yummy. But I think I agree with you too, that cupcakes hold a special place.

  8. Macarons actually taste good? I would never have imagined it. Now I must try them.

  9. I do not like to mix the taste of two different dish that is why I have not tried like it and never going to try it because it never can impress me.
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  10. I will try a macaron one day. I will.
    They sure do photograph nicely :)

    I can't recall tasting anything new lately. Although, I have had new combinations of things I already like. For example: ginger biscuits. So good!


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