Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gene Kelly - Perfection

I don't think I've made my adoration for Gene Kelly a secret... He is my most favorite classic film actor ever! Able to be charming, vulnerable, sexy, smart, funny... perfect. Sigh. One of my favorite things is the sweet way he interacts with children. This
little dance from Anchors Aweigh (my favorite Kelly film) always gets me teary-eyed.

It wouldn't let me embed this so I linked to the video from the pic and in the paragraph.

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  1. I love Gene Kelly! And this dance is one of my absolute favorites of his!

  2. Yay Gene Kelly! When I was a kid, I used to imitate part of that massive ballet dance of his in An American in Paris...poorly of course :)

  3. Oh he is one of my favs. too!!! I love this dance scene :)

  4. Watching Gene Kelly dance is a sure-fire way to put a grin on my face. He's the best!

  5. I love Gene Kelly! He was a true star and such a charmer!

  6. Gene Kelly! What I would give for a dance....

    Love Grace.

  7. Just watched THE PIRATE, which Kelly made with Judy Garland. Sensual doesn't even begin to describe his scenes with her! Absolutely astounding how some of that stuff made it onscreen.

  8. The girl is this dance is now the wife of a friend of my father's! I love Gene Kelly too.


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