Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ModCloth Fashion for the Mama-to-Be

Well, I've had a tremendously lucky and easy pregnancy, so my need to wear ultra-comfy clothes hasn't actually been that bad. I had hoped that I could wear my own clothes throughout rather than buy much maternity clothes. So far I have...


Hooray! The only maternity thing I have is a pair of cargos from H&M. Otherwise, pants cleverly covered with long shirts or prairie skirts with flexible waistbands have made up the bulk of my wardrobe.

I haven't actually shopped for new clothes while pregnant; I plan to buy clothes to replace whatever has been stretched out by my burgeoning belly (that sounds like a fun thing to do once Baby is out!). But I've noticed several dresses on ModCloth (one of which I've worn - I'll post it up on Sunday) that would work perfectly for pregnancy!

This is the dress I actually have worn the entire pregnancy! The high waist and long (well, for ModCloth, it's long) skirt have kept me comfortable and quite chic.

I almost bought this one for myself! The only iffy thing about it is that it's quite short (which is an issue because, as your belly gets bigger, your hemline goes up!). However, with the detachable belt, you can wear it most of the pregnancy. It looks nice and light too.

One of my favorite looks on an expectant mother is the fitted jersey dress - it hugs the nice round belly and looks so effortless. It is a more unusual look but I like it!

A dress with really no structure to speak of is another pretty look. It actually masks pregnancy for the longest, I find, so if you don't want exclamations and belly-rubbing at a an event, this is the style to wear.

A wrap dress is the style Ms. Beckham recommends in her style book. I actually never ended up wearing one but, hey!

I think the most comfortable thing to wear when pregnant is the maxi dress. This one gets extra points because the shoulder straps are thick enough to wear a bra underneath.

So, the things I look for in a dress you can wear throughout pregnancy:
1. Length (it's okay for a little shortness! I like the leggy-but-pregnant look!)
2. High waist
3. Stretchy material
4. Flows out from collarbone

And I've avoided stripes. Of course.

That's what I've discovered these eight months! Some of the dresses I featured are sold out, but the components that make them pregnancy-friendly can apply to many dresses.

So, any mamas who have additions or tips? Any fashionistas with ideas?

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  1. All your suggestions are really great! I will definitely wear those sorts of dresses when I am pregnant (which will..very likely, still take awhile)

  2. yours outfits are very nice good fashion wear


  3. These are so pretty! The second one in peach is especially lovely - but I can understand that the hem might be a tad too short. You could perhaps wear some loose pants underneath and the without once the bub has arrived?

  4. Congrats on your to-be mommyhood my dear! That's so thrilling! And I love the dresses - looove modcloth.

  5. I love all of these choices, especially the Soda Fountain Dress! So cute!! :D And I think it's great that you managed to stay stylish AND comfy instead of dressing like a giant blob the way some women do! :)

  6. they're all so cute! i love the flowing fabrics ... comfy & cute are definitely the perfect combination :)


  7. These are awesome pregnancy looks, congrats on your upcoming little one! :D

    I loooooooved wearing maternity clothes, so comfortable! lol

  8. Great picks for a mama to be.. love the maxi dress for pregnant women, comfortable and sexy!
    btw congrats! I didnt know!

  9. Great post! Those are some great tips! I will have to remember them when I get pregnant. (which probably won't be for a while)

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