Thursday, March 24, 2011

And the Oscar (or dress) Goes To...

So, this post will be concerning three items:
1. The results of my giveaway
2. Reception and giving of Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely Clara over at Via Margutta
3. Highlighting Kate Gabrielle's very generous giveaway at her blog Scathingly Brilliant

1. My darling niece, Ainsley, picked the winner for the fab Shabby Apple giveaway! And the winner was...

Michaela! Thank you to all who entered the giveaway!

2. Thank you so much, Clara, for the Stylish Blogger award! Clara has a wonderful blog about classic film and music - everyone should read it!

I have to post seven things about myself...
a. I love sweets entirely. In fact, I think I could exist completely never eating anything savory again, were it a healthy option. I love food period, but sweet food, ah, l'amour.

b. I can do a mean Mary Poppins impersonation (not a "mean Mary Poppins" a "mean impersonation") and fairly good Ariel and Aurora ones as well.

c. I used to do improv comedy - like in the show Who's Line is It Anyway? when I lived in Seattle.

d. I am a pianist so one would assume my hands would be quite picturesque... well, I'm afraid I keep my nails very, very short so that I never can do anything fancy with them. Once I got a manicure, painted all the nails very prettily, and my boyfriend at the time said my fingers look like I'd stuck them in Jelly Bellys. Sniff.

e. I used to work at a chocolate shop making chocolates. I'm not joking. It was amazing.

f. I have two dream wardrobes - safari-themed and aviatrix-themed. I really think I could be satisfied with my wardrobe were it almost entirely comprised of khaki pants, boots, and creme-colored button-down shirts.

g. I can't handle having short hair. I just chopped it all off a month or so ago and am already trying to pull, pin and twist it up into ponytails and buns. It's a sickness.

I also nominate seven others for the award! And they are...

Thank you again, Clara!

3. Aaaand, dear Kate Gabrielle has an amazing giveaway at her even more amazing blog (Scathingly Brilliant) - a $50 ModCloth gift card! So get on over there and enter!


  1. Awww, your niece is so adorable! Loved the picture sequence :) And you're welcome, Emma, you deserve it!
    So cool you worked in a chocolate shop (I just remembered Lucy @ the chocolate factory:


    And you have to upload a vid doing the Mary Poppins impersonation (mean or not) and Ariel and Aurora :)

  2. No wonder you like sweets, you're so sweet yourself!! :D

    I'm the same way with my hair, everytime I chop it off I just start counting the days until it's long enough to tie into a ponytail again!

    I have to second Clara's video request -- we NEED to see the Mary Poppins impersonation! I actually just watched it last night :) I mean the movie not your impersonation obviously lol ;-)

    And thank you for your sweet compliments, and for linking to my giveaway!! :D

  3. Congratulations!!! And thank you for the award!!

    Your niece is so unbelievably adorable!!! What a cutie!!

    I, too, would love to hear your impersonations. I love that people can do that! It's so impressive.

    I'm actually the opposite hair-wise. As soon as it gets long enough to pull into a pony-tail, I start thinking of cutting it!

  4. ooh, she's so cute! totally making ephraim pick a name for my first giveaway.

    i want to hear your ariel and aurora voices! and poppins! bring it!

  5. Your niece is incredibly adorable!!!

    Thanks for the tag, I will try to do it very soon :)

  6. chocolate stores and improv?! so awesome! As with the others, I'm patiently waiting for a video of you as Mary Poppins.. maybe with some Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? hihi.

    Thank you for tagging me. i have to start thinking of my 7 things now.. :)


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