Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mirror, Mirror...

My Song Sketch from this week featured a song that was in an Ava Gardner film. My mother loves Ava Gardner; she thinks Ava is the most beautiful woman ever (besides me and my sisters, of course. Haha!). Now, I completely agree that Ava is stunning, however, classic-black-and-white-film-actress-wise (purely looks) I prefer Lauren Bacall or Rita Hayworth or Dorothy Dandridge.

But the actress I think I'd like most to look like from that era is Gloria deHaven. I've seen her in Two Girls and a Sailor and The Thin Man Goes Home most often and I find her completely captivating. I also adore her gorgeous voice (which you can hear here).

What about you? Which black and white beauty would you choose to look like if you could (not that you wouldn't want to look like you but if you had to look like someone else, say)?

And... today is the last day to enter in my giveaway!


  1. Such a great choice! I think Gloria deHaven is a completely underrated actress. She was such a knockout but so unfairly overlooked. And I love her voice!!! She's probably one of the most gorgeous actresses ever.

    I guess for my part, I'll go with Natalie Wood. I'd love to look like Natalie Wood!

  2. She really is stunning. Possibly Elizabeth taylor... and I only remembered that so much today. She is divinely beautiful :) xxx

  3. They are all true beauties! I think Rita Hayworth is my favourite though here. But Hedy Lamar (spelling?) was a total knock out too. Ida Lupino too actually! Love, love, love that you're a fan of the black and white movie gals!!!


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