Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Constant Comment

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I always get pleasantly surprised when a blogger sends me an email reply to a comment I've left on her site. It's completely unexpected! As a blogger who definitely appreciates every comment (beside those really weird spammy comments that are other comments mixed up and then tossed back on the page in odd sentences, you know?), I want my dear, darling readers who take the time to comment to feel appreciated.

I usually visit the commenter's site and then respond to their post but that doesn't really acknowledge what they said on my post.

So, I want to know - how do you like your comments responded to? Back at your blog? In the comment spot on my blog? Via email, all fancy? Do tell!

P.S. The reason I have a picture of women drinking tea is because the name of an old favorite tea of mine is "constant comment." Which is what I named the post because of... well. I know it's kind of obtuse. Ehem.
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  1. I actually like it both ways, to me it doesn't really matter :) I also usually do it the way that I visit the reader's blogs that left comments for me.

  2. Either in a comment on my blog or via email. I tend to answer questions via email because I can be quite

  3. I love it when people comment back on my blog, but an email is an unexpected and lovely surprise, too!


  4. I so love comments and feedback that if someone comments back on my blog or replies through e-mail, it always makes my day! lol

    I do rather try to answer questions through e-mail to make it more personal and ensure they see it. I hate when people don't have their e-mails hooked up! lol

  5. As soon as I read this post title I thought of the tea! Mm. I could go for a cup of Constant Comment now :)

    I find that I prefer if my comments are replied to back on my blog or through an email (which, as you stated are very nice surprises!). I don't always remember to go back and check the comments on a specific post, thought I do try because I know that's how some bloggers do it.

  6. I definitely agree on loving when people comment back on my blog- it's just an extra sprinkle on the cupcake when you hear it via email- it's quite touching!

    That's so neat about how there's actually a tea called "constant comment"!! Do they still make those??

    Have a great upcoming weekend lovely!


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