Friday, March 4, 2011

A Gift Wrapped Life

Feature Friday

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There are few things that make us humans happier than gifts - both giving and receiving. And a gift that is beautifully or interestingly wrapped takes the gift from the "Ooh gift!" level to the "Oh. My. Gift." level.

I have this, really quite sad, delusion that I'm a great gift wrapper and buy fancy ribbons and double-sided tape only to end up with a (I hope endearingly) clumsily wrapped gift. But at least I try, right?

A Gift Wrapped Life is the Paris, the chocolate mousse, the sauvignon blanc of gift wrapping. Endlessly inspiring and a complete feast for the aspiring gift-wrapper's eyes, this blog is one of my favorite reads.

What do you think? Are one of those talented enough to make the wrapping as special as the gift?

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  1. those postcard things are so cute!

    enjoy your weekend :)

  2. I absolutely looove the first image- went straight to my heart!

  3. I'm working hard on that whole wrapping thing (for my Etsy shop). I just try to think how excited someone might be when they've been searching and found something they like enough to buy (online none-the-less) so add in shipping and wa la... the package, I always hope, reflects my gratefulness! Gonna go check out that site you suggested now :D Happy Friday!

  4. So lovely to meet you this way Emma and your mention and feature has made my weekend so wrapped in happiness. Thank you. XO

  5. Love that third photo! So pretty.

  6. I just checked out her site. It's awesome. Thanks so much for the link. I really like your blog. Glad I found it!

  7. It is such a awesome and great way wrapping gift in a second, nice to share with us.


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