Monday, March 7, 2011

Eat an Apple Every Day, Be In Bed By Three

Song Sketch

Photo from here

This song sketch was so much fun to do! I've been wanting to cover this song for a while and March seemed like the perfect month in which to do it. I think the lyrics are a perfect combination of quirky and sweet.

Also, I'm thinking of releasing a digital collection of song sketches for my lullaby c.d. since most lullabies would be simple piano/vox covers anyways. What do you all think of that idea? And what would you say constitutes a lullaby? I sing my baby to sleep while bouncing vigorously on an exercise ball so I feel like the lullabies I choose may not work for most babes...

If you would like a copy of this song for you, just let me know in a comment! If it's your first request, please leave your email address as well.

P.S. Feel free to follow me! I promise only ever to lead you to bright, sunny places!


  1. Awesome version! I think a digital lullaby album would be cool. They don't have to be all traditional kid based...

  2. whoops! Please send a copy too... :)

  3. Wonderful!!! I really enjoy those cheerful, happy songs from that era! I am sooooooo glad you covered this because you captured the spirit! I would love a copy, please!

  4. I love this! I've never heard this song before! I just want you to know that you've introduced me to several songs that are now favorites of mine - Skylark, Pennies from Heaven, Sunny Side of the Street - and now this one! I love it! I'd love a copy, please!

  5. ooh i'd love to have it! i'll add it to my travel play list! (or just playlist in general, but you know what i mean :)))

  6. wonderfully whimsical
    i love the piano!

  7. I would love some/any of your music! THANK YOU! <3


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