Monday, May 9, 2011

Under Construction - Week Six

Song Sketch

Here's a pic that was taken from a photo shoot during that time!  I miss that necklace...

I am actually 100% finished with the album!  I'm at the wait and wait point - waiting on the album to finish getting mastered, waiting on the covers to be approved for licensing, waiting on iTunes to accept my album, etc., etc.  But that's all very exciting!  

I want to thank everyone who donated money to my album fund!  I actually overmet my goal of $300!  For those who never specified, please be sure to email me with whether you want a signed print by the cover artist or an exclusive original song!

This is another of the songs I recorded with Dan Garcia (who is doing the mastering on my Love Songs and Lullabies album!); you can hear the difference right off from the one on the album!  

Hope you are all doing wonderfully!  


  1. You have such a beautiful voice, Emma!

    And congrats on finishing the album :)

  2. I love it!! And I can't wait until your cd comes out!!!

  3. great rendition... a bit more muted (not sure that's the right expression)
    i love the change after the first minute or so, with the drums and different beat.
    the voice over later is also quite interesting.

    love it.. thx!

  4. cool rendition...less acoustic...still, awesome!

  5. Ooh, I really like this version, especially the part with the layered vocals at the end. Excellent job!


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