Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Give Me an Earl over a King Any Day

Earl Grey Solid Perfume
Earl Grey Shea Butter Soap
Earl Grey Sandwich Cookies
Earl Grey Caramels
Earl Grey Lollipops
I know it's not quite the season for hot tea, but, to be honest, that's never stopped me from drinking it!  One of my favorites, Earl Grey, is such a gorgeous flavor and tastes like how I imagine a field of flowers smelling after the rain.

But why limit the perfect flavor to drinking it?  Here are some (of many, believe it or not, fellow Earl Grey fans) Earl Grey treasures found on Etsy.

Earl Grey Cream
And here is my very, very favorite Earl Grey blend - Earl Grey Cream made at my favorite local tea shop, infusion tea.


  1. I love tea! My favorite is mint...mmm. I haven't had any in so long because it's SO hot out, but I think I'll go make some and pour it over ice :) Thanks for the awesome post!


  2. I love tea too! Earl Grey is a fabulous choice. I've been drinking a lot of lavender tea lately :-)

  3. Earl Gray goodies! Wow, especially the treats! I love Earl Gray, too but right now I'm loving Blueberry Bliss from Teavana.

  4. I agree - it is wonderful. I bought an Earl Grey flavored lip tint from Threla

    They have it in non-colored too but the lip tint looks pretty while smelling yummy. :)

  5. Goodness me! How lovely are all these Earl Grey edibles etc! I never knew there was such a demand for all things Earl Grey! It is most certainly tea drinking weather here in Sydney!

  6. Oooh, the Earl Grey caramels look really tasty! I'm not a fan of tea (unless it's fruit-flavored), but my mom always has a cup of Earl Grey first thing in the morning. :D

  7. Lauralee - I love mint tea too! It makes me feel so zen when I drink it!

    Francy - Ooh, lavender! Just straight lavender or mixed with another tea flavor?

    Diana - Teavana is dangerous. I can't walk out of there without having purchased an insane amount of tea!

    Molly - Yay! What an amazing find! I'm buying one right away!

    Sam - I bet. I know I'll miss summer once it's tea-drinking weather here, but I really miss winter right about now!

    Rachel - It's really the scent of the Earl Grey, isn't it?!


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