Friday, July 29, 2011

It's a Grand Dress for Singing...

Bess Georgette

I'm mostly an internet musician.  I don't know if that's the proper term or anything, but basically I do the vast majority of my music interactions online, from freelancing to podcasting.  However, as an entertainer by trade, I still am always on the lookout for the perfect dress for being on stage.  Being a pianist adds a whole length-issue since I can't really wear a shorty-short skirt when I'm on stage sitting behind my keyboard.  For obvious reasons.

Jolie Vintage Shop

Aaaand, the dress can't be too fitted because of the whole pedaling thing.  As you can see, picking out the perfect imaginary dress for non-existent shows is quite the challenge.
Rock This Vintage

So here are a couple vintage dresses I discovered on Etsy I think would be smashing were I to have the perfect show to perform!

Pomp & Pride

Hello Dearie Vintage


  1. Love the one that Pomp & Pride is wearing! Too cute :)

  2. Ooo, I love the Rock This Vintage dress! It's like Cinderella. I fantasize about all sorts of dresses that are too fancy for my life. It would be fun to dress up in one at least once!

  3. Never thought about that before but you're right! lol I love them all but that Pomp & Pride number is calling my name!

  4. Dearest sweet emma, these are wonderful vintage dresses! I adore this Bess Georgette and that Hello Dearie Vintage lots! Have a lovely merry happy sunday sweet friend and love to yoU!

  5. Emma, I ADORE the Bess Georgette dress! And price is good considering... also, never thought of the length issue for a person playing the piano. Cool to get some insider/true musician perspective!


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