Monday, August 1, 2011

Song Sketch Situation: a Thought Piece in Two Parts...

Song Sketch Situation:

So, here's the thing:  technically, I'm not supposed to be recording and distributing other songwriters' work without paying a licensing and distribution fee.  I can do public domain songs but for a song to be public domain, it needs to have been published before 1923. 

Which, as you can imagine, somewhat limits my options.

Possible Song Sketch Solution:

So, I thought maybe there are enough people who love Song Sketches that they would be willing to pay $4 a month to get a free song delivered to their inboxes once a week on  ____day.  I  need a certain amount of people to sign up for me to break even paying the licensing fees, but I really love doing covers and have been getting quite a few requests.  If I did have enough people sign up, I'd cover a Reader's Request song a month (it really should be "Listener's Request" but then it's not alliterative) so that would be incredibly exciting!  You'd never know if your request got covered and was sitting there, patiently waiting in your inbox on ____day!

In conclusion, if you think this is a service you'd definitely be interested in subscribing to, please email me or leave a comment below!  I'd need to start getting licenses in order several weeks beforehand so I'd want to be sure that I have the minimum amount of subscribers.


P.S. Episode Five of Rose-Colored Radio Show will be up on my blog on Wednesday!  Be sure to come back by!

Class dismissed.

Seriously though, thank you all for your constant support!



  1. Wow that is really interesting, I hope you are able to continue these sketches, stupid rules.

  2. I think that's a delightful idea. Would I be able to play them on the radio? Count me in either way.


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