Friday, July 15, 2011

Kisses From the Sea

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Next week is completely nautically-inspired - on Monday, a nautical giveaway, on Wednesday, a nautical podcast and on Friday, a song from my podcast released as a nautical Song Sketch! So to get you in the mood, I thought I'd post a recipe that is perfectly sweet and beachy!

My mother made these candies growing up and they were even at my baby shower!  I adore coconut and sweetened condensed milk (who doesn't, I ask?) so these candies are perfection!  They're called "beijinhos" which means "little kisses."

The recipe is from Brazil (where my mother is also from!) and is traditional at parties.  


½ cup of coconut milk
1 can (14 oz) sweetened condensed milk
1 Tbls butter
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup of grated coconut 
Cloves and granulated sugar for decorating

how to make it:
Cook over medium-low heat, stir vigorously the sweetened condensed milk, grated coconut, vanilla and butter. Cook the mixture until it pulls away from the pan. 
Pour the mixture in a dish and let it cool to room temperature. Grease your hands with butter before starting to roll the mixture into balls.  Take small amounts of the mixture with a teaspoon and make 1 ½ inch balls. Roll the balls over granulated sugar to decorate and stick a clove on the ball.


  1. Those look amazing! I'm sending this to my mom and making her make me some! lol

  2. Dearest sweet emma, these candies look so yummie!! I really adore treats with coconut! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start! Wishing you a lovely merry happy sunday and love to yoU!

  3. Well, it is great recipe given by you, I really tried to make it at my home, Low carb diet does not allowed high foods in carbohydrate, especially white flour, sugar and starchy vegetables.

  4. Ooh pretty! I'll have to try these sometime. I've been baking a LOT lately.

  5. oh my! These look so yummy and they are so cute! I want to make some right away, thanks for sharing! (ps: Thanks for visiting my blog!)

  6. These look utterly delightful, especially to a coconut lover such as myself! I am going to make a point to make these soon. xx


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