Monday, August 8, 2011

C'mon Get Happy or Suggestions Please

So, as you can imagine, I love happy music, or even music that just makes me happy even when every little part of the lyric isn't necessarily cheerful.  For example: Sarah Vaughan singing It Was Just One of Those Things or Naked Eyes singing Always Something There to Remind Me or Blossom Dearie singing anything.  

But here is my problem: for a music-lover, I tend to dwell in the past, listening to jazz standards or songs from the 80s.  If it's more current, it's probably from a Disney or Pixar film. *

So, can you help at all?  What are some current artists (independent is even better!) that create music that makes you happy?

*This is a slight exaggeration, by the way.  I have listened to some Jason Mraz and some Pink Martini and some CéU and some Emily Loizeau and some Rupa and the April Fishes and such, but I do feel like my music player could use some new life breathed into it!


  1. Do you like Colbie Caillat? I like her new songs "I Do" and "Brighter than the Sun".

  2. I love the Puppini Sisters, although maybe they don't exactly count as more current. They are a current group, but they sing in a 40s close harmony style like the Andrews Sisters. They do covers of actual 40s songs, covers of current songs, and original songs all in that style.

  3. music blogs are a superfun way to stay current and sample different genres. my best friend's blog is a music reviewy blog, and she lists links to other music reviewy blogs there, too. so you might try that:

    i also share music i like on my blog on mondays and saturdays, although my picks are specifically reflective of my blog aesthetic (girly/fun/romantic/quirky.):

    music is fun!

  4. Matt Kearney-Hey Mama is the song currently making me smile

  5. Okay it sounds a little cheesy but I really love Mandy Moore's newer stuff. Her last two cd's are kinda 60's pop with some folk mixed in. Some songs are a little sad but the second CD "Amanda Leigh" has some really good happy ones. There are a few that you really might like!

  6. Missy Higgins is really amazing if you haven't checked her out yet! Also Madeleine Peyroux, Ben Kweller, The Pipettes, and ditto for The Puppini Sisters!!

  7. The Secret Sisters put a smile on my face with every listen :)

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