Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Do You Go?

I'd visit this room if it existed online.  Isn't it pretty?
Thank you so much to all the suggestions for happy music!  Now, as I'm on a roll with fabulous answers, I thought I'd ask another similar-ish question: where do you go online when you want to cheer yourself up or even just continue your good mood?  

For me, I have several blogs and stores that make me feel sunny but sometimes, I read through all the blogs and then, well I've read them all! So, I'm looking to you, dear readers, to give me some new places to visit!


  1. To cheer myself up online? Music videos! I know I am a huge Weezer fan but go on youtube and watch the video for Island in the Sun. Baby animals! <3

  2. I know just what you mean Emma... reading certain blogs has a wonderful way of relaxing and making me smile. Especially, and most wickedly, when I'm at work! :)

  3. I go to YouTube and watch Robert Downey Jr interviews! He's so funny ... it always makes me happy!


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