Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eleventh Episode of Rose-Colored Radio Show

Brought to you by finding your favorite Halloween candy in your trick or treat bag

Halloween Special

 October 26 Rose Colored Radio Hour by Rose Colored Radio Show 

In which we broadcast live from a haunted house overlooking 
a raging ocean!  Including the latest episode of "Pass the Pepper."  Be sure to have your electric candle nearby for this one...

Stay With Me Tonight from "A Reason to Stay Up All Night" available on iTunes

Written by Sally Flynn and Emma Wallace


  1. Wonderful!!! ...and ...Spooky!!!! ....What happened to Pepper?????

  2. Stay With Me Tonight was the first song of yours I ever heard and I remember listening and my jaw just dropping at how you captured my personality in song. Plus the song is just plain gorgeous! I've been a fan ever since!

    If I haven't mentioned how much I enjoy these...I really do. I usually listen to them many, many times over during the week they "air."

  3. Love all the sound effects in this! Brilliant job.


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