Monday, January 9, 2012

How I Have Survived My Flu

My cozy slippers have been with me the whole ride, sniffles to sore throat to sneezes to coughs and back again.    They are dear to my heart. And feet.

So... as you may have read in my previous post, I have been suffering from a flu.  Sigh.  (And cough, cough!)  I don't think I've actually been sick in a few years so it's not really a tragedy but I confess I'm not really sure what to do when I'm sick!  The good/not good thing about being sick with a baby is that I don't spend the whole day in bed because, well, he's not really interested in spending the whole day in bed and I'm not interested in spending the whole day in bed while he's on the loose.  
Would you want this little guy on the loose?

But I'm on the other end of my bout with the flu and I will share with you, loyal readers, how I got through it.
I absolutely adore fancy, schmancy tea but this tea that I found at Target is my current favorite, unfancy/schmancy as it is.

I have been eating the pumpkin bread from a Trader Joe's mix (sent in a Christmas care package from my loving brother since we don't have a Trader Joe's here) but this one from Andrea Meyers' blog looks delicious too!
I watched this movie with my sister whilst in the throes of the illness.  Funny and charming, might I just say!

So, as you can see, I didn't do too badly off, being sick!  I recommend my get-well regimen to anyone, ill or not!


  1. i've been sick, too :( i'll have to try that tea! i LOVE the celestial seasoning boxes. they're always so storytellerish :)

  2. I hope you get better Emma! Nice way to survive a flu, and, yes, "Easy living" is awesome :)

    Hey, maybe you want to take a look to this post I did when I was sick, maybe you will feel accompanied by classic actors :)

    Oh, your little boy is so grown up!

  3. Oh dear, I hope you're feeling better! Your little guy probably helps keep your mind off of it. Toot always does that for me. lol

  4. I love tea, it definitely helps make a person feel better! :)

  5. I have some celestial tea which is good but i just switched over to making loose leaf tea from Teavana and I love it!


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