Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Could You Care for A Cunning Cottage We Could Share?

Reethi Beach Resort, Maldives
Safari West, Sonoma, CA
Storrs Gate House, Cumbria UK
Aloha Cottage, Maui, HI

Hotel Ranga, Iceland

As Valentines' Day approaches and romantic things abound ev-er-y-where, I thought, 'What would be THE most romantic thing ever?"  And of course I concluded, "An Emma c.d.!" But since I already have a box or two of those here, I thought, "What would be the SECOND most romantic thing ever?" And I concluded, "a cottage vacation."  

Since my munchkin is less than seventeen months old, I don't think I'll be leaving him for any extended amount of time any time soon (I barely can handle two hours away from him!), but I still like gazing at these romantic destinations. 


P.S. Be sure to come back on Friday for Rose-Colored Radio's Valentine's Day special!


  1. I think my fav is either the third or the fourth

  2. I've been wanting this book.


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