Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day! Almost...

From Amber Alexander
I just wanted to wish you a happy, happy first day of February and a merry Groundhog Day Eve.  
Here in Florida, I think we've had, hmmm, two cold days all season? Maybe three? So we aren't really hurting for Spring quite yet.  But I'm still a fan of adorable groundhogs, shadows or not. 
From Zazu Faure Los Angeles

From Debbie Wendell

From CaryCanary

What about you? Are you hoping for Spring or have you not gotten much of a Winter either?


  1. I too am a Florida girl (I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale) who now lives in Philadelphia. I love the warm weather and am so happy that it has been so warm this season. But I completely understood you wishing for cold weather or for at least a short cold spell. I remember those days in Florida.

  2. Dearest sweet emma, i like winter maybe because it's summer all year long here in malaysia. But spring is my favorite season of the year so yes i am looking forward to spring. Love the colors and the gorgeous flowers it brings. :) I've been to Florida once with my family and i love it there!. :) Thank YOU so much for your kind words, love and encouragement you left me on my blog. I really appreciate it so much! Have a lovely merry happy week sweet friend! Love to you!

  3. ah! i LOVE amber alexander's work, and this groundhog hair piece is prolly my very favorite. her stuff always makes me smile :)

  4. Beloved lovely emma, i like winter period maybe because it's summer throughout here in malaysia. But may is my preferred period of the period so yes i am looking forward to may. Really like the colours and the magnificent blossoms it delivers. :) I've been to California once with my family and i really like it there!.

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