Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Save a (battery) Life

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This next post will change your life.

Well, only if you are an iPhone user and don't already know this trick.  

But if you're an iPhone user who doesn't know the following trick, this next post will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I had been having issues with my darling, dear iPhone's battery dying at a faster and faster (and faster) rate and I had done all that stuff that people say on blogs and stuff - make it not check for mail, turn down the brightness, turn off location services for things that don't really need it, etc., etc. - and it was STILL bad.  Very bad. 

But then a very clever person (also known as my husband) asked me to double click the home button (the round guy on the bottom of the front of the phone) and a bunch of apps' icons showed up all in a neat little row.  I had always thought those were just my most recent apps, but it turns out, they're the apps that are currently open!  WHAT?  It's true.  When I then pressed and held one of the apps, they all started bouncing and had a little minus sign in the upper left hand corner.  So I shut down all of them (it turns out Pandora had been on, kindly streaming away while on pause) and, lo and behold, my battery life is back to its healthy, vibrant self.

What do you think? Did this post just change your life?  Or at least your iPhone's battery life?


  1. ohmygosh. i had no idea. when i did what you said, i had SO MANY apps bouncing... including a game i have not played since at least october!

  2. that solves what has been a big mystery for me ... thanks for the tip! but i must say, the apps look so cute bouncing around - i was a bit sad to make them stop :)

    ♥ Stacy

  3. As soon as I get an iPhone, my life will then be greatly improved by this trick!!!

  4. If I had an iPhone, this absolutely would save my life!

  5. i had no concept. when i did what you said, i had SO MANY applications returned... with a activity title i have not performed since at least october!


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