Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little Dis-Dystopian Reading

musings and tidbits
I admit.  I have never actually read Hunger Games so I have no room to make a judgment of what it's like.  

BUT, I do have a pretty clear of what it's about and I am not really into of dystopian worlds and kids killing each other.  So.  Here are three mood-lifting blogs I'm reading right now where you can visit to get your optimism, the-world-is-a-beautiful-place fix.

1.  musings and tidbits (pictured above)- is filled with lovely photos and inspiring quotes.  The perfect oasis to recharge and feel happy.

2.  Just Add Glitter and Stir - I have posted about this blog only, hmm, a trillion times or so but she is hiLARious so totally worth reading. Here are two of her recent posts filled with helpful essential know-hows: One and Two.

3.  So Cute it Hurts - Fortunately, I have yet to literally be hurt by her cuteness but if one could, I certainly would.  Because her site is all kinds of encouragement, prettiness and, well, cuteness.  


  1. Dearest sweet Emma, you are so sweet!! Thank YOU so much for your kind words about my little bubble space and for all the love, support and encouragement you always send my way.

    Ahhhh thanks for sharing musings and tidbits and Just Add Glitter and Stir with us!! It's always so nice to find new inspiration!

    I hope you are having a wonderful break from Rose-colored radio show. I am doing a back to back marathon on it. hehe

    Have a lovely merry happy week and happy spring! Love to you!

  2. Awwww, look! It's me! lol Thank you so much Emma for including me in this illustrious group!

  3. I agree...100%....dystopia:bad! Besides, how can we work to avoid them if we are ENJOYING the prospect of them. Anyway...I appreciated the blogs you recommended and I love your, happy, optimistic, very real blog!Thank you!!

  4. oh my, what a wonderful surprise to be part of your happy-blog-list! thank you for the mention and thank you also for all the loveliness of your own blog and music :)

    ♥ Stacy

  5. Dearest sweet Emma, happy april!! Have a beautiful week and love to you!

  6. Hey doll,
    What a cool post ☺ You have an awesome blog, loving it’s aesthetic! The overall style is really nice and something I can relate to, we definitely have similar taste and it would be cool if we could follow each other?! I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog and really glad a did, I will be checking back soon.
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