Sunday, May 20, 2012

C'mon Baby, I'm Tired of Talking

This song, I confess, I first heard as a remix.*  

Of course, I'd listened to lots of other Elvis songs a million times but this one I'd never heard.  I was thinking of this song while perusing YouTube looking for 60s inspiration and I absolutely love this clip of the original - the clothes are divine, the decor is divine, the dancing is awesome (why don't we dance like that now?! It looks way more fun than what I did in high school - arms around neck, sway, blah, blah) and, well, it's Elvis.  So...yeah, divine.

In real life, I wouldn't really go for anyone telling me to 'close my mouth,' but, hey.  As I said before, it's Elvis.  

*Which I still love, might I add. I like the little hippie girl that dances with the swirly skirt.  

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