Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why I Blog

I've been kind of wondering why I blog, really, because I scrimp and save my time as best I can to do as much as I can.  
(I keep thinking that once I actually have more time I'll be getting SO MUCH DONE.  Or it will be like how you always seem to expand into whatever space you live in...?)

I know that blogging takes up time (especially when you do it regularly!  haha) - time that I could be composing or cleaning (yea, right) or practicing, etc.  

But here's the thing - I work from home as a musician and stay-at-home mama.  So my coworkers are my lovely Macbook, Snowball mic and Yamaha keyboard I've had since 2002.  I MISS you guys when I'm just doing my music! I love it so much and all, but I miss reading blogs and comments and such.  Other blogs and readers are my water cooler and my inspirations and friends.  

So that's why I blog.  What about you?


  1. Well I'm very glad you blog so keep it up! :)

    I started blogging when I was out of a job and going out of my mind. I used it to motivate myself to be creative and to share my thrifty ideas with others. Other blogger's inspiring ideas and helpful posts did so much for me it only seemed right to return the favor! Blogging really pulled me out of a hole and gave me a whole new perspective on enjoying life.

  2. Really, blogging is what you make it Miss Emma! I absolutely love reading and keeping up with your blog as it is SO fascinating.

    I blog because I can and it gives me a new twist in life. We have to keep moving forward at some point in time. Also, it gives me an excuse for a break to write as I actually like writing about things that interest me. I thankfully don't have to do anymore required writing anytime soon since I'm done with my college curriculum... Until my thesis. ;)

  3. I've got a lot to share, and I like sharing my interests and connecting with others! And I returned to blogspot so I could do it in longform.

  4. I hear ya, Emma! When you're home all day long, it's nice to be able to check in with friends on the internet and see what everyone is up to!! :)


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