Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pretty Patterns and Mom's Perfection

From Wallaby's Outpost

From Designers Reserve
From My Vintage Finds for All

My mother can pretty much do anything.

I'm not exaggerating.

All the way into my adult life, I've had friends and coworkers who haven't even met her ask me to ask her opinion on things.  She can paint, design, change a car battery, homeschool four kids, bake bread, make bags, turn a little apartment into a place Martha Stewart would want to move into, style hair, make an amazing meal out of two to three ingredients, bring you from being completely discouraged to the top-of-the-world in a half hour conversation...

To name a few.

In addition to those (and the other million things), she can sew.  She's sewed a ton of dresses for me, my sisters and my niece (including this dress below) so it's no wonder that I associate the art on the patterns with my mother.

These are some of the adorable vintage patterns I've found on Etsy.  Not that I can sew them, but I love just looking at them.  Not only are the women completely glamorous, looking at them gives me warm fuzzies just thinking about the sound of sewing machine running in the other room long after I've gone to bed.

P.S. Sally did a great post on patterns a while back too. Read it here!

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