Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Song List

Elis Regina
I posted up a post a long time ago mentioning some songs that I love aaaaand a marvelous reader, Clara, from the delightful and scintillating blog, Via Margutta, requested another similar post so here it is... 

Rupa and the April Fishes
I've posted about this band before and I'll probably post about them again.  They sing in a variety of languages and have a slew of amazing instrumentalists playing their intoxicating gypsy music.  I've never heard anyone else like them.  Here is one of my favorite songs from their Extraordinary Rendition album, Maintenant.

I've also posted about this Brazilian singer/songwriter before but I can't get enough of her voice and rhythms.  I love her ability to sound so contemporary but still have the sultry melodies of bossa nova composers from the MPB period.  This is my absolute favorite of her songs, Bobagem, on her self-titled album.

Marisa Monte
When I first heard Ms. Monte (another Brazilian songstress), I thought my life would be complete if my voice only sounded just. Like. Hers.  It doesn't, and I'm okay with that now, but that doesn't mean her songs won't make your heart melt.  Here is Dança da Solidão.

Cesaria Evora
Even if you didn't know this amazing, irreplaceable singer was from Cape Verde, you would guess it - her voice is warm, salty and delicious.  This is Sodade, probably her most famous song.

Elis Regina
There is a version of her singing this song by herself and she looks gorgeous and all but this version of the popular Jobim song is completely perfect and bubbling with happiness.  Listen all the way to the end and see if you don't end up smiling like a total wackadoo.


  1. I just spent the last 15 minutes getting lost in your blog - and I am quite smitten! I'm a songwriter too - but I've never put any of my stuff out there - only performed it every so often. Your blog is darling and I'm most definitely a fan of happy endings:) xx Marisa

  2. Just replied to your tweet but I want to thank you over here. I remember following you in another website a few years ago (I don't remember how was it called, but it had like a orange & white layout and you shared your songs over there); and there you recommended "Caramel" and I have it in mp3 since then.

    So thank you again for this lovely selection of songs, I knew the ones by Cesaria and Elis Regina, and I'm loving the rest :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these singers! I love love love them all. I'm not so good with looking for music, so I love it when awesome singers share singers/music they like. Thanks a lot!
    ♥ laura
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